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03 Jul 2018

Local entrepreneurs have also emerged. Equivalents of Singapore’s own Ninja Van have popped up across Africa, including Parcel Ninja, which supports e-commerce businesses via its paperless warehouses in South Africa.

25 Jun 2018

With its rising standard of living and proactive economic development, Vietnam is poised to be the region’s up-and-coming economy. With more Singaporean business owners eager to learn about opportunities in this market of close to 100 million, we recently organised an iAdvisory session focused on business opportunities in the country.

21 Jun 2018

In urban development circles, "Smart Cities" continues to be a constant buzzword. Today’s technological advancements are bringing us closer and closer to Isaac Asimov's wonder cities.

12 Jun 2018

Russia is enjoying a period of economic stability after two years in recession. With a rouble that has stabilised, and favourable trends in global commodity prices, the country is seeing higher retail sales, a growth in real wages, and increasing employment.

12 Jun 2018

Welcome to the age of social retailing. People talk about brands and shop online like never before. Brands now engage customers and personalise shoppers’ experience through social media in a stiff competition for the consumer dollar.

08 Jun 2018

Commodity trading has always evolved with the latest technological developments. In the last five years, however, it has evolved at a rapid pace. How has commodity trading transformed and how should we navigate these changes?

24 May 2018

Opportunities abound for doing business in Indonesia, with the country’s GDP showing showing healthy growth in recent years. Indonesia sovereign debt has also achieved investment-grade by all 3 main rating companies, leading to an inflow of funds into the economy.

09 May 2018

Over the years, commodity traders have sought to create value by moving beyond the buying and selling of goods, to producing and processing commodities. They have also embraced new technologies that improve efficiency and serve new and more varied customers.

02 May 2018

The Chongqing Connectivity Initiative - Southern Transport Corridor (CCI-STC) is the newest rail-sea transport corridor between China and Southeast Asia, offering a shorter and more direct multimodal transportation option between Chongqing and Singapore. Find out more about the Chongqing Connectivity Initiative - Southern Transport Corridor (CCI-STC) here.

19 Apr 2018

When you get down to it, we want to grow stronger Singapore enterprises because they are a key engine of growth for our economy, and create good jobs for Singaporeans.