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Enterprise Singapore Inspiring Stories - L M Meat

Love red meat but worried about the bad rep it gets today? Local retail butchery L M Meat has the answer: probiotic pork, offering reduced saturated and fats and cholesterol content to health conscious consumers.

Enterprise Singapore Inspiring Stories - Soo Kee Group

Buying a diamond is a huge commitment – customers traditionally have to base their decisions on a 2D sketch from jewellers before seeing the real thing. Soo Kee has cut out all the doubt – by being able to show customers a 3D-printed model of their design, they have not only sped up the process of prototyping, but are now also able to pay greater attention to the quality of their pieces.

Enterprise Singapore Inspiring Stories - Kinotech

With predictions that China's retail e-commerce market will double by 2020, Kino Biotech decided to debut its online retail platform selling beauty and wellness products and became the belle of the Chinese e-commerce market.

Enterprise Singapore Inspiring Stories - MoneyMax

From cab drivers to hawkers, traditional trades are redefined in this digital age. Discover how progressive pawnbroker MoneyMax went digital to stay relevant, competitive and sustainable in the future economy.

Enterprise Singapore Inspiring Stories - Surbana Jurong

When Surbana International Consultants and Jurong International Holdings merged in 2015 to create Surbana Jurong Private Limited, the newly-formed entity had a lofty goal: To become a global powerhouse in urbanisation and infrastructure.

Enterprise Singapore Inspiring Stories - Banyan Tree

As a leading luxury hotel brand, Singapore-based Banyan Tree needs no introduction. But despite its experience and expertise, the company faced unforeseen problems when trying to bring their business to Cuba, the stunning Caribbean nation long closed off to the outside world.

Enterprise Singapore Inspiring Stories - Jumbo

We all know and love local seafood chain Jumbo’s famous chili crab, but did you know that they are expanding their offerings all over the world too?