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Lee Da Foods

By partnering the Food Innovation and Resource Centre, Li Da Foods transformed the spicy Malay meat dish that typically takes four hours to cook into a quick ready meal.

Enterprise Singapore Inspiring Stories - Soup Spoon

Gone are the days where food companies chose between extending shelf life and retaining nutritional value in their food products. With a dash of technology – known as High Pressure Processing – The Soup Spoon rolled out soup packs with longer shelf life and no added preservatives. Find out how using technology has opened new doors for the company locally and globally.

Enterprise Singapore Inspiring Stories - SMC Food 21

Maintaining high quality standards in the production of its dairy products was more than just meeting a regulatory requirement for SMC Food 21 – it is also crucial to the success of its expansion overseas. Having standards has eased the company’s entry into major markets such as Japan, and will further support its ambition to crack the Chinese market.

Inspiring Stories - ViSenze

ViSenze was born to go global. From day one, this award-winning visual search tech startup has helped e-retailers Rakuten Taiwan and Zalora transform the way netizens shop online. Touted as one of the most promising tech start-ups in Asia, ViSenze has gone on to bag clients in India such as Myntra, Caratlane, Bluestone, and CEO and co-founder Oliver Tan shares the secrets to its success ...

Inspiring Stories - Shopmatic

Shopmatic may be based in Singapore but when the e-marketplace service provider startup launched, it went global first – entering the challenging but promising Indian market before even Singapore's. Their bold launch in India has had its share of challenges, but Shopmatic says it's been more than worth it. With Enterprise Singapore as partner, Shopmatic is poised to enter 20 markets by 2020. Not t...


In 2016 alone, homegrown e-commerce startup Anchanto expanded into nine countries, including India, Australia and China. Today, the firm is present in Singapore and 13 other countries. CEO Mr Vaibhav Dabhade says the company's global success hasn't just come from ambition, however, but has also come from well-honed strategies and prudence. Working closely with IE Singapore(now Enterprise Singapore...

Enterprise Singapore Inspiring Stories - L M Meat

Love red meat but worried about the bad rep it gets today? Local retail butchery L M Meat has the answer: probiotic pork, offering reduced saturated and fats and cholesterol content to health conscious consumers.

Enterprise Singapore Inspiring Stories - Soo Kee Group

Buying a diamond is a huge commitment – customers traditionally have to base their decisions on a 2D sketch from jewellers before seeing the real thing. Soo Kee has cut out all the doubt – by being able to show customers a 3D-printed model of their design, they have not only sped up the process of prototyping, but are now also able to pay greater attention to the quality of their pieces.

Enterprise Singapore Inspiring Stories - Kinotech

With predictions that China's retail e-commerce market will double by 2020, Kino Biotech decided to debut its online retail platform selling beauty and wellness products and became the belle of the Chinese e-commerce market.

Enterprise Singapore Inspiring Stories - MoneyMax

From cab drivers to hawkers, traditional trades are redefined in this digital age. Discover how progressive pawnbroker MoneyMax went digital to stay relevant, competitive and sustainable in the future economy.