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17 Feb 2019 Updated 20 Feb 2019

Enterprise Singapore Supports Innovative Food Manufacturers to Offer Healthier, Convenient Options for the Middle East

MR No.: MR006/19
Singapore, Sunday, 17 February 2019

1. Enterprise Singapore, together with the Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association (SFMA), is leading a 46-company1 delegation to exhibit at Gulfood 2019 which takes place between 17 and 21 February. The number of food and beverage companies exhibiting is up from last year’s 38 (21% increase). This marks the 10th consecutive year of Singapore’s participation in one of the largest food and beverage trade shows in the world. Nearly half of the companies are launching food products that are new to either the Middle East region or the United Arab Emirates (UAE)2 .

2. Png Cheong Boon, Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Singapore, said, “Singapore’s food products are gaining international acceptance because of their quality and compliance with food safety standards. In particular, the Middle East region is a fast-growing food and beverage market and a key food export destination for Singapore companies. Gulfood, as a leading tradeshow in Dubai, is an excellent platform for companies to understand the latest market trends, connect with food traders and distributors not just from the Middle East but worldwide, and to forge meaningful business partnerships. This year, we are pleased that 46 Singapore food manufacturers are participating in Gulfood, introducing a diverse range of products including healthier, convenient and ready-to-eat options. We hope that these companies will be able to leverage Gulfood to expand into new markets in the Middle East and beyond.” 

3. In 2018, the Middle East accounted for almost S$280 million of Singapore’s manufactured food exports, of which 75% were destined for the Gulf Cooperation Council. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE3 ; ranked the top food export destinations in the region last year. Enterprise Singapore successfully facilitated 28 partnerships between local food companies with franchisees and distributors in the Middle East in 2018 alone. 90% of these were undertaken by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Today, more than 30 Singapore food companies are doing business in the region.

Growing appetite for healthier & more convenient food options

4. The size of the UAE’s F&B market is projected to hit US$35 billion for food and US$3.8 billion for beverages in 2021, according to the 2018 Dubai Exports Report. The UAE is a major food importer in the Middle East region, propelled by high gross domestic per capita (GDP), increasing consumption and spending, and expanding local and expatriate populations. With today’s time-pressed lifestyles and rising demand for differentiated food offerings to meet the sophisticated taste preferences of consumers, models such as online grocery services, food delivery mobile applications and food trucks are gaining popularity4 .

5. Singapore food companies can offer non-traditional food concepts and convenient options such as ready meals5 and food vending machines6 . In addition, plant-based proteins, sugar alternatives and texture-modified foods developed in Singapore are suitable for addressing the UAE’s national health priorities around diabetes and obesity, and the increasing preference for healthier alternatives. With innovation as the bedrock of Singapore’s food industry, Singapore food manufacturers are using technologies such as High Pressure Processing (HPP) and Microwave-Assisted Thermal Sterilisation (MATS) to extend the shelf life of food products and preserve their nutritional and sensorial quality.

 A taste of Singapore at Gulfood 2019

6. In celebration of a decade of Singapore’s participation at Gulfood, three new highlights showcase the range of food offerings and innovation capabilities of Singapore food manufacturers:

i) Networking dinner for international buyers & Singapore companies: A specially-curated five-course menu, prepared by celebrity chefs Khaled Al-Saadi from the UAE and Jean Yeow-Winter from Singapore, uses ingredients from Singapore food manufacturers, to demonstrate the breadth and versatility of Singapore food products in Arab cuisine.

ii) Supermarket aisle: Inspired by the increasing penetration of organised retail formats such as hypermarkets and supermarkets, and growing demand for packaged food, the ‘supermarket aisle’ concept at the Singapore Pavilion displays the full variety of Singapore food brands exhibiting at Gulfood 2019, including products that are new to the market.

iii) Innovation & technology zone: 23 innovative food products are exhibited here. These include concepts like a vending machine dispensing popiahs (Mr Popiah), seaweed sprinkles that lowers the glycaemic index (GI) of carbohydrates (Life3 Biotech), and plant-based seafood protein substitute (Nature’s Nest).

7. Enterprise Singapore supports Singapore companies in their efforts to expand their businesses by connecting them to networks and opportunities overseas. It has offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



1 For details on the participating food companies from Singapore, refer to the Tasty Singapore – Singapore Pavilion brochure at www.sfma.org.sg/gulfood2019
2 For the list of Singapore food companies launching new products in the market, refer to Annex A
3 Singapore’s manufactured food exports to the UAE stands at approximately S$70.2 million in 2018
4 http://www.alpen-capital.com/gcc-food-industry-report_february-22-2017.pdf
5 Ready meals are food that are prepared and packaged in a ready-to-eat or ready-to-heat form, while retaining the quality, taste and nutritional value
6 Food vending machines dispense hot, tasty meals on-demand in less than three minutes, 24x7. Compared to traditional eateries, these vending machines take up less space and are not constrained by manpower supply. Singapore has more than 50 vending machine clusters as of end 2018.


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Annex A

List of Singapore companies launching food and beverage products that are new to either the Middle East region or the United Arab Emirates

 No. Company Product Description
 1. Chee Seng Oil Factory

Double Pagoda Virgin Coconut Oil is a healthier alternative for pan frying. The product packaging is designed with a non-drop cap, allowing consumers to better control the amount of oil required.

 2. Chia Khim Lee Food Industries

Sagiko Isotonic Sports Drink hydrates better than water on a hot, sunny day; quickly replacing lost electrolytes, fluids and energy.

 3. Commonwealth Food Solutions

The ready-to-eat Lamb Shank comes in five types of sauces. Designed to be shelf-stable, customers can save chiller space and store it at any dry pantry area.

 4. Food Empire

Maccoffee Americano Crème is a rich and creamy coffee that can be served either hot or cold, while Maccoffee Di Torino adds a chocolate twist to the traditional Italian cappuccino.

 5. Foodgnostic Morcheez offers a wide range of premium and distinctive flavoured frozen cheesecakes, including all-time favourites like the New York and oreo cheesecakes, as well as those with Asian flavours such as yuzu and mango. 
 6. Kee Song Food Corporation(s)

Kee Song Lacto Chickens are reared in a temperature-controlled environment with ample space for them to roam freely. They are fed with lactobacillus, making them a healthier poultry option. Fun fact: The chickens get to listen to the soothing sounds of Mozart in the farms!

 7. KG Food

The Mini Sweet Corn Pau has a creamy custard sweet corn filling encased in a springy and fluffy bun – a delicious snack for any time of the day. KG Food will also be launching their Chocolate Lava Bun.

 8. King's Feast

The Fried Breaded Gigus Oysters are hand-battered with specially-seasoned flour and the Panko Breaded Oysters are sealed using Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) technology to preserve their mild, naturally-salty oyster flavour.

 9. Litat Import & Export Golden Light Fruit Jam Series lets you pair flavours from unique Southeast Asian fruits such as soursop and dragon fruit with your favourite breakfast. The jams have 40% high fruit content.
 10. Mei Heong Yuen Food Industries The Farmer Brand Garlic-flavoured Peanuts make for a fragrant, irresistible snack. Garlic is highly nutritious and has low calories
 11. Mr Popiah Mr Popiah’s ready-to-eat wraps come in three types – Chicken, Egg & Hash Brown Wrap; Nyonya Popiah and Chicken Burrito. The wraps are carefully made by hand and packed with authentic Nyonya flavours.
 12. Orient Foods   Blanching pasta over a stove or even slow-cooking rice congee can be troublesome for time-pressed individuals. TOPP Cup Pasta and Jasmine Rice Congee can be ready in 3-5 minutes. The pasta is also low in fat and uses 50% less sodium, making it a healthier choice.
 13. Seng Hong Diamond Prince 1-Bite Abalone comprises a single serve can of baby abalone in either abalone sauce or brine; a suitable complement to vegetable dishes or noodles.
 14. Seng Hua Hng Foodstuff

Camel Power Bounce and Revive nuts are great for guilt-free snacking as they are high in dietary fibre and have no added salt.

 15. Sin Mui Heng Food Industries

SMH Signature Canton Roasted Duck Pau is made following a traditional recipe and the SMH Signature Matcha Azuki Pau highlights the perfect mix of green tea and red mung beans.

 16. Tan Seng Kee Kang Kang Wholegrain Fresh Noodles feature wholegrain noodles in rich, authentic Singapore flavours like chill crab and braised mushroom sauce. A healthy packet filled with all-natural spices which can be enjoyed in three quick minutes.
 17. Tat Hui Foods

KOKA Purple Wheat Cup Noodles are rich in antioxidants and do not contain any preservative, artificial colouring or added MSG. They come in three flavours – pepper crab, seafood tom yum and five-spiced duck. The Middle East is the first market to get a taste of the baked multigrain goodness.

 18. The Soup Spoon The Soup Spoon’s fresh sauces come in two special flavours – the Singapore-style chilli crab and black pepper crab. 
 19. Tong Garden Food NutriOne nut mixes are a blend of naturally sweet and crunchy ingredients such as almonds coated with banana, pecans coated with coconut, and granolas mixed with chia seeds and pumpkin seeds. Great for healthy snacking during a long car ride! 
 20. Wanin Industries Jooz Fruit Drinks are enriched with nutrients and vitamins from tropical Asian fruits like pineapple, tamarind, kumquat and sour plum. Looking for all-time favourite flavours? They also come in apple, orange and soya bean!
 21. YHS International Yeo’s Oceanic drinks contain Australian sea salt for natural hydration. They come in two fruit flavours – pineapple and lime.