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05 Nov 2019 Updated 06 Mar 2020

Enterprise Singapore cautions consumers on safety issues with baby carriers, cots, and strollers

MR No.: 068/19

Singapore, Tuesday, 5 November 2019

  1. Enterprise Singapore, the regulatory agency for product safety of general consumer goods, cautions consumers on safety issues for three types of children’s products – i) baby carriers, ii) cots, and iii) strollers. Surveillance was conducted on 16 samples1 of these three products that concluded last month. Of the samples tested, 11 were found to be unsafe as they did not comply with the safety requirements by the American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM), the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), or the European Committee for Standardisation (EN)2 (Refer to list of unsafe products in Annex 1).

  2. Hazards identified from the surveillance include choking, entrapment, falling, and laceration. Consumers are encouraged to pay a close attention to these safety issues when purchasing and using these children’s products3. The key safety issues are:

  3. Baby carriers
    1. Fastener was unable to support the weight of a baby and broke;
    2. Lack of instructions on proper usage and precautions to take note of, which may lead to improper use, causing injuries and suffocation.


    1. Cot slats broke easily when tested, posing a risk of injuries;
    2. Presence of raised surfaces or bumps in the cot, posing risk for fall if the baby climb on it and out of the cot;
    3. Cot slats did not meet height requirements of 30 mm for adjustable cots and 60mm for non-adjustable cots, which pose a risk of falling if the child climbs out;
    4. Presence of sharp edges on the cot poses risk of laceration if a child comes into contact;
    5. Small parts were easily detachable (such as fasteners of the locking mechanism and foam from the mattress), which pose a risk of suffocation if swallowed.


    1. Restraint system and fasteners were unable to secure a child in the seat;
    2. Poor stability of stroller, causing it to tip over when parked on slopes;
    3. The product was damaged or collapsed when tested for strength, which resulted in the impairment of safety features such as locking mechanism, restraint system, and parking/braking devices.
  4. All eleven unsafe products tested were also available on e-commerce platforms. Consumers should check that children’s products have undergone the necessary safety tests before making purchases online as it is not possible to check the product physically prior to the purchase.

  5. The suppliers of these products have since removed them for sale following the notices issued by Enterprise Singapore to do so. We urge consumers who have bought the models listed in Annex 1 to stop using them immediately. They may contact the sellers or the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) for information on redress options. Those who may have bought similar products should note the above safety issues.

  6. Consumers, especially parents of young children, can observe the safety tips below (refer to Annex 2 for more tips):

    1. Buy from official stores or reputable brands and sellers;
    2. Check with the sellers that the product has met relevant safety standards;
    3. Ensure an instruction manual is provided and warning labels included;
    4. Note and follow the age and weight recommendations;
    5. Check if a safety alert has been issued. Visit www.enterprisesg.gov.sg/consumer-protection or other international sites such as US Safer Products at www.saferproducts.gov;
  7. Under the Consumer Protection (Consumer Goods Safety Requirements) Regulations (CGSR), suppliers and manufacturers of general consumer goods have to meet applicable international safety standards by ASTM, EN, ISO, and the International Electro Technical Commission (IEC). Any person who fails to comply with Enterprise Singapore’s directions to stop the sale of unsafe products, is liable upon conviction, up to a fine not exceeding S$10,000 or to an imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years or to both.

  8. Consumers also play an important part in making sure that the goods they buy are safe. Consumers can report product safety issues to us at 1800 773 3163 or consumerprotection@enterprisesg.gov.sg. For consumer safety tips, visit www.enterprisesg.gov.sg/safety-tips.

Annex 1: List of unsafe products

Annex 2: Tips on usage of cots and strollers

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1The breakdown of 16 samples tested are as such – six baby carriers, five cots, and five strollers.

2Baby carriers were tested to the American Society for Testing and Materials’ ASTM F2236, cots were tested to the International Organisation for Standardisation’s ISO 7175, and strollers were tested to the European Standards’ EN 1888.

3In a separate incident related to cots, news reported that a 7-month old baby died due to suffocation, trapped between mattress and padded bed rail at the foot of the baby cot.

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