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15 Apr 2020 Updated 15 Apr 2020

Ensuring Adherence to Safe Distancing Measures Amongst Food Delivery Personnel

MR No.: 024/20

Singapore, Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Ensuring Adherence to Safe Distancing Measures Amongst Food Delivery Personnel

  1. With the increasing demand for food delivery services during the Circuit Breaker period (7 April to 4 May 2020), Enterprise Singapore (ESG), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Singapore Food Agency (SFA) are working with food delivery companies to step up efforts to ensure delivery personnel adhere to the elevated safe distancing measures. This is to safeguard the health of delivery personnel, staff of Food & Beverage (F&B) establishments, customers and others who they may interact with during their work.

  2. Delivery platforms and their delivery personnel play an important role, especially during the Circuit Breaker period, to help F&B businesses expand their reach and offer convenience to customers. Following the ban on dining-in1 since 7 April 2020, the demand for food delivery services has also increased by about 20% to 30%, and this strong demand is expected to sustain for a period of time.

  3. Given the frequent interactions food delivery personnel have with F&B establishments and customers, it is crucial that they comply with the operational guidance on safe distancing measures for businesses providing delivery services to safeguard their own well-being and that of others. Delivery platforms, delivery personnel and F&B establishments have an equal role to play in ensuring this.

  4. Additional measures to safeguard well-being of delivery personnel and others

  5. For a start, Deliveroo, foodpanda and GrabFood will put in place more measures, and work with their delivery personnel to ensure that safe distancing measures are observed.

  6. a. Increased communications: The platforms will work with their delivery personnel to ensure awareness of and adherence to the key safe distancing and precautionary measures. These include:

    • Observing strict safe distancing from others (including fellow delivery personnel) at all times, at F&B establishments or even when away from the premises. Delivery personnel must not cluster together.
    • Wearing of masks at all times during their work.
    • Mandating contactless delivery (e.g. dropping off deliveries at doorsteps or lobbies), where possible.
    • Keeping hands clean by regularly washing them with soap and water or using hand sanitisers.
    • Frequent cleaning of food carriers and warmers used for food delivery.

    b. Stiffer Penalties: The three companies will also suspend errant delivery personnel, who have been caught and fined for not meeting the COVID regulations in the course of their work, from participating in delivery jobs across all three platforms for 12 months. This will be in addition to existing penalties on safe distancing regulations meted out by the government.

  7. We will also be working with other delivery companies on the actions they can take to ensure their delivery personnel comply with the stricter safe distancing measures. Food delivery companies must take reasonable steps to ensure their delivery personnel adhere to the latest safe distancing measures.

  8. Errant F&B establishments found allowing delivery personnel or customers to cluster together at their outlets can also be fined or ordered to suspend operations for failing to comply with safe distancing measures. F&B establishments should cater for contactless pickup, where possible, to minimise interaction between outlet and delivery personnel.

  9. Cooperation is crucial to ensure safe environment for all

  10. The Government takes a serious view of any infringement of safe distancing measures and will not hesitate to take immediate action against those who fail to comply. Under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act passed in Parliament on 7 April 2020, first-time offenders will face a fine of up to S$10,000, imprisonment of up to six months, or both. Subsequent offences may face a fine of up to S$20,000, imprisonment of up to twelve months, or both.

  11. We urge businesses and delivery personnel to be socially responsible and fully cooperate with the safe distancing measures that have been put in place for everyone’s safety. The Government will continue to deploy safe distancing ambassadors and enforcement officers island-wide, to ensure compliance by businesses and delivery personnel.

  12. Users of the delivery services can similarly play a part by supporting contactless delivery, and reporting delivery personnel who do not follow safe distancing or good personal hygiene practices to their companies.

  13. If members of the public come across any businesses or individuals that have infringed safe distancing measures, they can report to Covid_GoBusiness@mti.gov.sg, along with details such as the name of the establishment/ individual, location and relevant evidence of the infringement (e.g. photographs).

1 On 3 April, MOH issued a press release on Circuit Breaker to Minimise Further Spread of COVID-19, which outlined elevated safe distancing measures, including the closure of non-essential services and ban on dining-in at F&B establishments from 7 April 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What actions will be taken against delivery personnel and F&B establishments that flout safe distancing measures?

  2. The relevant agencies2 have been deploying enforcement personnel on the ground, to ensure that businesses and individuals comply with the elevated safe distancing measures.

    Individuals, including delivery personnel, who do not comply with safe distancing measures will be issued a composition fine of S$300. Repeat offenders will face higher fines or prosecution. For Deliveroo, foodpanda and GrabFood, they will also suspend their delivery personnel from participating in delivery jobs for 12 months.

    F&B establishments that fail to enforce safe distancing measures at their outlets and allow delivery personnel or customers to cluster together, will be issued a composition fine of S$1,000 or ordered to suspend operations. Repeat offenders will face higher fines or prosecution.

  3. Are there any guidelines/measures from SFA to minimise the potential spread of COVID-19 via food delivery personnel?

  4. There is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is spread through food. Although food delivery personnel are not directly involved in the preparation of food, they should observe good personal hygiene, and consult a doctor promptly if unwell or suffering from respiratory symptoms.

    All providers of food delivery services are also responsible for ensuring that the food they deliver is transported in a manner that does not compromise food safety. This includes maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicles, receptacles and equipment used for the transportation of food to prevent food contamination, as well as storing food at the correct temperature. Failure to do so would be an offence under the Sale of Food Act and the Environmental Public Health Act.

2These include ESG, HDB, LTA, NEA, SFA, STB, URA, etc.