China is one of the world’s largest consumer markets, with a population of 1.4 billion that is growing in affluence. Rising disposable incomes have spurred demand for quality imported consumer goods among Chinese consumers, making China an attractive market for Singapore brands to consider.

Beauty and wellness is a category in which Chinese consumers are more willing to buy foreign brands. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a shift towards healthier living and better quality of life, creating growing demand for personal care products, health foods, vitamins and supplements.

This webinar aims to help Singapore beauty and wellness brands gain a better understanding on how to bring your products to the China market, and how to adapt your online-to-offline (O2O) strategies to suit Chinese consumers' tastes and preferences.

Our guest speakers will present on market entry options, regulatory approval pathways for different product categories, barriers to entry, beauty and wellness sectoral trends, and platforms that Singapore product and brand owners can consider selling through. Singapore brands will also share their experiences in finding success in the Chinese market.

Interested to learn more? Join us to hear from the following speakers:
• Mr Leo Tian, Business Development Manager, ChemLinked
• Ms Zoe Ren, Business Development Manager, JD Worldwide
• Mr Richard Chen, Deputy Director of Operations, Chongqing Pharmaceutical Group Yi He Health Industry
• Ms Cathy Shao, CEO, UGEL Cosmetics
• Ms Cathy Shao, UGEL Cosmetics
• Ms Li Na, Head of China, GreenLife
• Mr Matthew Koh, Director, Natura Biotechnologies