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: Supporting Heartland Shops to Enhance Their Vibrancy and Competitiveness

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) and Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG) have unveiled the key findings of the Heartland Shops Study (HSS) today. More than 2,800 stakeholders gave their views through the course of the study. The findings reflect Singaporeans’ shared vision of heartland shops that are vibrant, inclusive and imbued with local character. HDB and EnterpriseSG have in place a slew of existing and enhanced initiatives that will bring this vision to life, and ensure that heartland shops remain relevant and competitive businesses which are also social nodes that endear to the community. 


 The study’s findings were announced by Minister for National Development Desmond Lee at the launch of Heartlands Festival 2022 earlier today, where he also highlighted enhancements to existing initiatives for HDB shops. The changes are in response to feedback from the Heartland Shops Study, where participants requested for a better curation of shops in the heartlands to meet residents’ needs. Minister Lee also underscored the Government’s commitment to help heartland shops remain competitive through greater digital adoption, and to improve the vibrancy of the heartlands through the upgrading of the hardware and enriching the “software” through better placemaking.


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