Privacy Statement

This is a Government of Singapore website.

When you visit this website, Enterprise Singapore may collect, handle and disclose personal information about you (“Personal Data”). This includes information related to you as an individual as well as non-personal information provided by you through your use of this website.

By using this website, you agree and consent to Enterprise Singapore’s collection, use and disclosure of Personal Data according to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Statement.

Examples of Personal Data may include your public IP address, full name and address, email address and location data.

All Personal Data are electronically stored and transmitted using secure systems.

This website may contain links to third party, non-Government sites whose data protection and privacy practices may differ from Enterprise Singapore’s practices. We are not responsible for the content and privacy practices of such other websites and encourage you to read the privacy statements of those sites.

1. Personal Data Processed by Enterprise Singapore

1.1 Browsing Our Website

When you browse the Enterprise Singapore website, your browser provides us with the necessary data for the website to be displayed. Such data includes:

  • Your public IP address
  • Date and time of browser request
  • GMT difference
  • Webpage(s) visited by you
  • HTTP status code
  • Amount of transferred data
  • Referrer URL
  • Type of browser
  • Browser version and language
  • Operating system and interface
  • Screen resolution
  • Language settings

This data is processed by Enterprise Singapore to ensure that our website is stable, safe and functional. We may also use cookies across our website to improve your user experience. You may enable or disable cookies under your settings.

1.2 Tracking Cookies on Our Website

Google Ads - Enterprise Singapore uses the Google Ads and Remarketing Lists features of Google Analytics for Display Advertising. Both Enterprise Singapore and Google use first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie). This means that you might see Enterprise Singapore’s ads on other websites you visit.

To opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advertisers (including Google Ads) and customised Google Display Network ads, go to the Google Ads Preferences Manager. You may also download to opt-out of Google’s personalised ads. 

Facebook - Enterprise Singapore uses the tracking pixels and “Custom Audiences” from Facebook on our website. This means that if you click on a Facebook ad and are redirected to our website, your user behavior can be tracked. This enables us to measure the effectiveness of Facebook ads. This data is stored by Facebook and may be used for its own promotional purposes, in accordance with Facebook’s Data Usage Policy. A cookie may also be stored on your computer. You can change your ad settings on Facebook. 

1.3 Contacting Enterprise Singapore/Providing Feedback

When you contact Enterprise Singapore or provide feedback on our website, we may collect your Personal Data. Such Personal Data may include your name, email address and any other Personal Data provided by you to Enterprise Singapore so that we may respond. We may share your Personal Data with other Government agencies where necessary, to serve you more efficiently and effectively, to the extent that such sharing is not prohibited by Singapore law. We will not share, sell or rent your Personal Data to third party non-Government entities, except in instances where such entities have been authorised to carry out specific Government services.

If you had previously given Personal Data to Enterprise Singapore or other Government agencies, this might be auto-populated. This saves you the trouble of repeating previous submissions. If the data is out of date, please update it. We will retain your Personal Data where necessary to serve you effectively.

1.4 Newsletter Subscription

When you subscribe to Enterprise Singapore’s newsletter via our website, we may collect and process the Personal Data you provide so that we can send you relevant news updates.

If you do not wish to continue receiving our newsletter, you may opt out of our mailing list by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of our newsletter.

1.5 Registration of Interest

When you register your interest with Enterprise Singapore and complete forms on our website, we may collect and process your Personal Data in order to serve you more effectively.

1.6 e-Alerts Standards Subscription Form

When you fill in the e-Alerts Standards Subscription Form and submit it to Enterprise Singapore, we and our appointed vendor may collect and process your Personal Data in order to send you the latest news updates (including but not limited to standards, sales promotions, and invitations to events for the public relating to commentary on our standards).  

1.7 New User Registration on Enterprise Singapore’s Incentive Portal

When you fill in the New User Registration form and submit it to Enterprise Singapore, we may collect and process your Personal Data in order to provide you with access to the Enterprise Singapore Incentive Portal. 

1.8 Whistle-Blowing

We may process your Personal Data if you raise any concerns under our Whistle-Blowing Framework in order to report possible improprieties (e.g. fraud, corrupt conduct, questionable practices, or adverse behavior) involving Enterprise Singapore employees and/or our business partners.  

1.9 Social Media

If you follow Enterprise Singapore on social media networks or public forum accounts (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), your social media network or public forum accounts may provide us with information such as your public profile, email address, friends/follower lists on such social media networks and/or public forum accounts. Please refer to the privacy policies of such social media network providers for more information. 

2. Recipients

2.1 Personal Data may be transferred to relevant government agencies for processing, as described in Clauses 1.2 to 1.7, but only when such transfers are not prohibited by law. 

3. Storage of Personal Data

3.1 Personal Data collected by Enterprise Singapore will be stored for as long as it is needed for the relevant purposes set out in Clause 1.  

4. Your Rights

4.1 You may request for access to your Personal Data provided to and stored by Enterprise Singapore, if it is not exempted by law. You may also ask us to correct an error or omission in your Personal Data. Where justified, you may request for your Personal Data to be removed or restricted in processing. You may withdraw consent for your Personal Data to be processed at any time, without affecting any data processing activities that might have taken place before you withdrew consent and without affecting any other existing legal justification of the data processing activities. To exercise the above rights, please email Enterprise Singapore at

5. Cookies on Enterprise Singapore’s website

5.1 This website uses Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, cookies and similar technologies to distinguish you from other users and to analyse user behaviour and interaction on our website. These technologies help Enterprise Singapore enhance user experience on our website.

Your browser automatically sends certain information to Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. Cookies are used to collect information on how visitors use this website. The information may be collected anonymously and used to report on the number of visitors to this website, where they have come from, and the pages that they have visited. 

Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics cookies are valid for up to two years or unless you clear your cookies. 

6. Privacy Statement Updates

6.1 This Privacy Statement may be revised and updated from time to time at Enterprise Singapore’s sole discretion. Any new updates will always be posted on this webpage and we will try, but are not obliged, to give notice of significant changes in the Privacy Statement. Please check for updates to this Privacy Policy each time you use our website. If you disagree with the changes, please discontinue use of our website. If you continue using this website after changes to this Privacy Statement have been made, such use will constitute acceptance of the updated Privacy Statement. 

7. Contact Us

7.1 Please contact Enterprise Singapore at if you have any enquiries or feedback on our Privacy Statement, data protection policies and procedures. You may also contact us if you need more information on, or access to, data that you had previously provided to Enterprise Singapore.