Market Access & Networks
Build networks to drive innovation and global growth

Shorten time to market

Collaborate with like-minded partners to develop viable solutions more quickly.

Create better solutions

Build on the strengths, ideas and knowledge of partners to create better solutions.

Open doors to new markets

Connect with potential partners and key stakeholders who can help pave the way for your business to expand overseas.

Innovate and go global

  • Discover new ideas
  • Innovate without borders

Join hands with like-minded partners to co-create new solutions.

Open Innovation Network

Connect entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers with corporates to develop and test-bed solutions.
Collaborate with international partners to innovate, test-bed solutions, and expand into the region.

Global Innovation Alliance

Enter overseas markets with confidence and connect with innovation communities.

GIA Acceleration Programmes

Accelerate market entry through innovation ecosystem and business leads.

Co-Innovation Programmes

Work with international counterparts to co-innovate and test-bed solutions and scale into the region.
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