What to Report

To enable EnterpriseSG to effectively investigate your concerns, the following information should be provided, where possible:

  • Name(s) of person(s)/company(ies) involved;
  • Date, time and location of incident;
  • Frequency of occurrence of the incident;
  • Value of any money or assets involved;
  • Physical evidence (if any);
  • Any other information that may substantiate the concern;

Whistle-blowers should report their concerns in good faith.

We encourage whistle-blowers to leave their names to the allegations in case further information or clarification is required. To the extent feasible and permissible under the law, EnterpriseSG will make every effort not to reveal the identity of the whistle-blower.

Types of Improprieties

Possible improprieties include but are not limited to the following:

This generally relates to the use of deception or misrepresentation to obtain an unjust advantage. It can also involve cheating, kickbacks, forgery, conflict of interest, theft or misappropriation of EnterpriseSG’s assets.

Corrupt Conduct
Corrupt conduct can take many forms including seeking, obtaining or offering secret commissions, bribery, theft, embezzlement, forgery, misuse of information, documents or materials acquired in the course of employment and dishonest performance of functions.

Questionable Practices
Broadly, this refers to deliberate breach or circumvention of internal policies, such as Government Instruction Manuals (IMs), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and internal staff policies. This also includes practices that do not comply with accounting or auditing standards, or are fraudulent or deceptive.

Adverse Behavior
This can involve illegal behaviour, including drug sale or use, violence or threatened violence, criminal damage against property and serious breaches against EnterpriseSG’s code of conduct.

Reporting Channels

To make a report, please visit go.gov.sg/EnterpriseSGtipoff to provide details of complaints / allegations concerning Enterprise Singapore’s schemes, partners or officers.

Alternatively, you can drop us an email at tipoff@enterprisesg.gov.sg or call us at +65 6279 3939. Our call operating hours are 9.00am – 5.00pm (Mon – Fri).

You may also write to us at:

Chief of Internal Audit
Enterprise Singapore
230 Victoria Street
Level 9, Bugis Junction Office Tower
Singapore 188024