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Fast-growing consumer market

Tap into the region’s consumer market, which is set to have 140 million more consumers by 2030.

Thriving digital economy

Venture into new and booming sectors arising from digital transformation, such as e-commerce, food delivery and financial services.

Rapid urbanisation

Be part of the region’s urbanisation, which opens up opportunities for real estate, construction and other sectors. 

Programmes to help you expand to Southeast Asia

Strong consumer demand

Tap into the demand from Asia, which is home to about half of the global consumer class.

Dynamic innovation hub

Collaborate with the many technology innovators and startups that have made Asia home.

Budding green economy

Capture opportunities in Asia’s sustainability economy, which is expected to grow up to US$5 trillion by 2030.

Programmes to help you expand to Asia-Pacific

Vibrant startup landscape

Be exposed to new ideas and opportunities to innovate in Europe, which is home to various startup ecosystems.

Leader in sustainability

Innovate and seize opportunities in sustainability, with Europe leading the way in green policies and clean energy projects.

Established trade partners

Experience improved market access on the back of free trade agreements with Europe.

Programmes to help you expand to Europe

Thriving manufacturing sector

Tap the region’s manufacturing strengths, with the United States long known as a manufacturing powerhouse and Latin America emerging as a manufacturing hub.

Dynamic innovation landscape

Partner and innovate with startups in the region, which is home to many innovation hubs.

New trade links

Gain better access to markets in Latin America on the back of new Free Trade Agreements between Singapore and the region.

Explore North and Latin America

Programmes to help you expand to North and Latin America

Diversified economies

Seize emerging opportunities in sectors such as manufacturing, tourism and healthcare as the Middle East diversifies into non-oil sectors.

Growing tech services sector

Tap opportunities in tech services such as enterprise software for e-commerce, healthcare technologies, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Skilled labour force

Tap into the Middle East’s skilled and sizeable talent pool when you bring your business to the region.

Programmes to help you expand to the Middle East

Untapped opportunities

Uncover opportunities for business and investment in sectors, such as agriculture and oil and gas, as the region industrialises.

Strong infrastructure demand

Cater to growing needs for infrastructure and urban solutions as Africa urbanises.

Growing digital economy

Ride the wave of  digital transformation in Africa to capture opportunities in areas such as e-commerce and digital payments.


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