Quality & Standards
Be recognised for good quality, locally and worldwide

Establish trust in your brand

Assure buyers and sellers along the value chain that your business provides high quality and reliable outputs.

Drive operational productivity

Streamline processes and optimise resource efficiency.

Ease entry into global markets

Adopt internationally-recognised standards to gain a competitive edge and break into new markets.

Building trust with quality and standards

  • Standards
  • Accreditation and Assurance
  • Consumer Protection
  • Business Excellence
Standards provide a common framework of specifications and guidelines for products, services, and processes. Enhance your business capabilities with industry-recognised best practices.
Building Global Standards header

Building global standards

Learn more about Singapore’s global standardisation efforts.

Adopting Standards

Explore Standards

Stay competitive by using standards to build trust with your customers.

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Participate in Standards Development

Contribute to industry best practices by shaping new standards with your expertise.

Singapore Standards Council

Singapore Standards Council (SSC)

The SSC develops Singapore Standards, Technical References and Workshop Agreements.

Standards and technical reference

Standards, Technical References and Workshop Agreements

Learn how standards guide businesses in their operational processes and help maintain quality output.

Utilise testing, inspection, and certification services to assure clients of the quality of your products and services, or get accredited as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) to support businesses’ compliance needs.
Get tested and certified

Get Tested, Inspected or Certified by a Conformity Assessment Body

Be recognised for your adoption of standards and increase customer and stakeholder confidence.

Tested, inspected and certified

Learn about the Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) industry

See how the TIC industry fosters quality and trust in Singapore's products and services.

Get tested and certified

Get accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC)

Learn about the SAC and how to have your conformity assessment services accredited by the Council as a CAB.


SAC Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs)

Find out how MRAs can help your business enter markets, trade easily, and reduce costs.

Safeguard consumer safety and ensure a fair trade of accurately measured products through offices overseen by Enterprise Singapore.

Consumer Product Safety Office

Comply responsibly with safety regulations to ensure your products do not pose safety risks to consumers.


Weights and Measures Office

Ensure that you use weighing or measuring instruments that are registered and verified.

The Business Excellence (BE) initiative has been sunsetted, and applications for the Enterprise Development Grant (Business Excellence) have closed.
Business Excellence

Business Excellence

Check out the list of Business Excellence (BE) certified organisations and past BE award winners.

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