Stay ahead of the curve

Streamline processes

Automate tasks to increase productivity without compromising quality.

Reach new customers

Expand into new markets with digital solutions and grow your customer base.

Transform your business

Embrace digitalisation in your core business strategy to develop innovative business models and capture new growth opportunities.

Kickstart your digital journey

  • Find a digital support scheme
  • Get financial support

Build your digital capabilities with progressive support to meet your changing needs.

Start Digital

Get extended support to build digital capabilities within your business and get a head start in going digital.

Grow Digital

Kickstart your cross-border e-commerce business and reach new customers through digital channels.

Heartlands Go Digital

Discover affordable solutions to kickstart your digital journey and boost your business capabilities.

Digital Leaders Programme

Develop innovative business models and capture new growth opportunities with this digital integration approach.

Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

Tap on EDG for projects that help you upgrade, innovate, grow and transform your business.

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

Improve productivity through IT solutions and equipment.

Inspiring stories

How digitalising propelled Goldbell and Oneberry to new heights

Growing a business is never easy, but digitalisation can give you a boost.

DP Architects

The local firm that built a mall in Dubai five times bigger than VivoCity.

TTIT director Thomas Ting

TT Innovation

This local tech security company empowers their small team with cutting-edge inventions.

David Mackerness, a director at Kaer


Kaer’s business model has proven resilient not just in peacetime, but also throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Level up your business with a digitally enabled strategy

Go beyond technology adoption and learn how to unlock deeper value for your business.

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