FAQ: Enterprise Sustainability Programme – Catalysing Sustainability in Singapore's SMEs

CDP Disclosure, Responses and Public Access

  • What type of information is required by CDP’s questionnaires?

    CDP has three corporate questionnaires on “Climate Change”, “Forests” and “Water Security”. Companies can choose to disclose to one, two, or all three questionnaires for a single fee.

    The information relating to the company’s environmental performance will include data inputs on governance and policy, risks and opportunity management, environmental targets and strategy, and scenario analysis for each theme of interest. You may refer to the questionnaires here.

  • Can our responses be private? Who can access my company’s environmental data?

    Companies have the option of keeping your responses private or opening the access for public viewing on CDP’s platforms such as their website and in reports.

    For private responses, the information will be kept strictly confidential and only be used in an anonymised and aggregated manner. For public responses, data will be used according to CDP’s discretion, such as being made available via the CDP website, shared with scoring partners to score your response, and published by CDP in reports.

  • Are all responses to the questions mandatory?

    CDP encourages companies to disclose and answer all questions to the best of their ability. Through reporting to the questionnaires, companies are guided to become more aware of the environmental metrics of interest to stakeholders so as to develop their own sustainability initiatives and improve environmental performance.

  • Are there resources to guide me on the questionnaires?

    There are publicly available guidance documents on the questionnaires and scoring methodology on CDP’s website here. The Questionnaire Guidance document provides question-level guidance for each section. The Scoring Methodologies provide expectations of companies in their sustainability effort, and explain how your company will be scored at the question-level. Technical notes are available for specific topics that require further explanation.

  • How does disclosure to CDP sync up with other regulations and frameworks?

    CDP’s questionnaires are aligned with other common climate disclosure frameworks such as the Taskforce for Climate-related Disclosures (TCFD), which are required for companies listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). CDP’s questionnaire will also be aligned with the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), which will be launched by the International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation (IFRS) in 2024.

  • How long does it take to complete CDP’s questionnaire?

    The questionnaires are comprehensive and provide governments, investors, and purchasing organisations with standardised and important data points that help inform decision-making.

    The time taken to complete the questionnaire depends on a company’s maturity in sustainability, and may typically take up to 3-10 working days to complete. CDP is also piloting a SME questionnaire which will be available in the later part of 2023. Companies responding to the SME questionnaire will not be scored and are expected to progress to the full questionnaire in subsequent years. Please contact CDP to find out more.

Eligibility & Registration Process

  • What is the eligibility criteria for this programme?

    The programme is intended for Singapore enterprises that are registered/incorporated in Singapore, with: i) at least 30% local shareholding held directly or indirectly by Singaporeans and/or Singapore PRs; and ii) a group revenue of up to S$500 million or a maximum employment size of 200 employees.

  • How do I register for this programme?

    You may complete the form here to register your interest, and CDP will send you the details required for registration.

  • How long will the programme last?

    This programme is available for 3 years, from July 2023 – May 2026.

  • I am an existing discloser. Will I be eligible for the funding support or programme?

    Unfortunately, existing investor-requested disclosers are not eligible for the programme.

    The co-funded disclosure fees are only eligible for first-time disclosers.

  • Who do I contact for more information?

    For further information and clarifications, please contact:

    Edwin Ng (Corporate Engagement Officer, CDP) at edwin.ng@cdp.net

    Lee Min-Shen (Senior Development Partner, EnterpriseSG) at lee_min-shen@enterprisesg.gov.sg