A sustainable future powered by smart technologies.

Singapore and China are now entering a new age of smart city development, as the digital economy continues to evolve and grow.

As Singapore and China work together to build smart cities, what are the ways in which governments, companies and institutions can contribute to the development of the digital economy? How do smart technologies, urban solutions and incentive policies help to support municipal operations and management, drive economic development and enhance quality of life? What are the new areas for collaboration between the public and private sectors, to integrate the growth of smart industries with city developments?

A flagship bilateral cooperation project between Singapore and China, the Tianjin Eco-City is becoming a leading reference model for digital cities in China and a global frontrunner in smart city development.

Join us at the 2022 China-Singapore Business Summit and interact with government officials, industry experts, and business leaders from China and Singapore, to explore opportunities in this new age of the digital economy and uncover new possibilities for smart city development.