With its growing and young tech-savvy and English-speaking market, the Philippines, dubbed as the social media capital of the world, is now projected to be ASEAN’s start-up dark horse.

Recently, legislation on tax and investments have also made the Philippine economy friendlier to foreign direct investors. Following the heels of the creation of the Fiscal Incentives Review Board regulating the grant of new tax and fiscal incentives, nationality restrictions for foreign direct investments were relaxed with the passage of much-awaited amendments to the Public Service Act, Foreign Direct Investments Act, and Retail Trade Liberalization Act. Meanwhile, right before a political regime change, outgoing President Duterte signed the country’s Strategic Investment Priorities Plan for the next two years.

How will these developments make the Philippines a more attractive FDI destination from and through Singapore? What are strategic investments in the Philippines? How can foreign direct investors best navigate the Philippine business and legal environment to maximise returns?

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