Participate in Standards Development

Contribute to a robust quality and standards ecosystem

Participate in standards development by proposing a new standard, developing draft standards, reviewing existing standards or participating in international standardisation. 

Developing Standards - Contribute to Robust Quality

How you can get involved

  • Steps
  • Propose a new standard
  • Develop draft standards
  • Comment on draft standards
  • Promote newly published standards

If you have identified a need and have an idea for a new standard, you can submit a proposal. Your proposal will then be reviewed by the relevant Standards Committee and Enterprise Singapore.

Once a proposal is accepted, it will be open for public comment. The proposal to develop a new standard or review existing Singapore Standards will be open for public comment for one month.

A Working Group under the relevant Standards Committee will be formed to develop the draft Singapore Standard (SS) or Technical Reference (TR). A Workshop Agreement (WA) does not require the formation of a Working Group.

During this stage, international standards or overseas national standards may also be adopted or adapted for use locally if found suitable.

SS drafts will be open for public comment for two months. All comments received will be considered by the respective Committee or Working Group. If patent infringements are identified, you should also inform Enterprise Singapore of any known patents in the standard.

TR and WA drafts are not open for public comment. However, when a TR or WA is reviewed during the validity period, comments received are considered.

Once the SS drafts are completed, they are reviewed and approved by the relevant Standards Committee. The SS will be notified in the Government Gazette before it is published for public use. TRs and WAs will not be required to be notified in the Government Gazette.

You are encouraged to promote and share about the newly published standard to your network and industry.

The Singapore Standards Council and the Singapore Accreditation Council, together with Enterprise Singapore, thank all our partners for their contributions and commitment to Singapore's standardisation and accreditation programmes. Our initiatives to build quality and trust in Singapore products and services would not have been possible without your support.

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Other ways to get involved with standards

Improve your business by adopting standards and getting tested, inspected or certified.

Stay updated on standards

Get the latest news on new or revised standards and be invited to comment on Singapore Standards.