Career Conversion Programme – Wholesale Trade Professionals

About this programme

The Career Conversion Programme (CCP) – Wholesale Trade Professionals helps mid-career professionals as well as unemployed professionals make career switches into the wholesale trade sector in the areas of trade operations, facilitation, and compliance.

The programme operates under the following modes:

  • Place-and-Train
    Reskill mid-career individuals (new hires) for their new roles to support business growth.
  • Redeployment/ Job Redesign Reskilling
    Targeted at companies that are undergoing business transformation and have existing workers who are at risk of redundancy or in vulnerable jobs due to the transformation. These workers will be reskilled to take on new job roles or redesigned job roles that are of higher value-add within the same company.
  • Salary and course fees can be defrayed through this scheme
    Funding supported under Workforce Singapore's (WSG) Career Conversion Programme. You may check with the Workforce Advancement Federation (WAF) for more details.

Key features

  • Trade Operations Executive
  • Procurement/ Sourcing Executive/ Manager
  • Trade Finance Manager
  • Carbon/ LNG/ Hydrogen Trader/ Analyst
  • Compliance Specialist
  • Supply Chain Professional
  • Sustainability Analyst/ Manager
  • Sustainability Finance and Strategy Manager


  • Registered or incorporated in Singapore
  • Able to offer employment directly related to the job that the CCP is for, with remuneration commensurate with the market rate
  • Committed to the CCP training arrangements for the new hires and/or existing workers that they have selected
  • Committed to work with WSG or its appointed partner on the necessary administrative matters related to the programme
  • For applications for redeployment/ Job Redesign Reskilling, company is required to submit details of business transformation plan for evaluation

How to apply

Interested companies looking to apply for the CCP – Wholesale Trade Professionals as a participating employer can reach out to the Workforce Advancement Federation.

Register your interest here.

Workforce Advancement Federation
Contact: 6956 6288

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