International Trading Track (ITT) @ SMU

About this programme

The International Trading Track (ITT) is a programme under the ITI@SMU. Set up in 2007 as a joint initiative by leading commodity industry partners, Enterprise Singapore, and SMU, the Institute develops talent for the commodity trading sector.

Companies can participate as industry partners of the programme by growing a pipeline of talent across the trading value chain.

  • Get direct access to high quality talent relevant to business needs
    Outstanding students with training, knowledge, and skills to complement your business may be identified as potential hires.
  • Backed by strong industry partnership
    Students to go through an up-to-date and comprehensive curriculum that caters to the international trade sector.


  • Trading and trade-related companies are welcome to apply as industry partners

How to apply

Register your interest with SMU's International Trading Institute (ITI@SMU)
For more details on the programme and admissions process, visit the website or reach out to the ITI@SMU admissions team.

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