Growing consumer spending

Tap Russia’s growing middle class and private sector. Consumer spending is expected to drive GDP growth over the coming years.

Springboard into markets

Russia is a member of the Eurasian Economic Union and has strong economic ties with Central Asia, enabling easy access to nearby markets.

Vibrant economic environment

Discover Russia’s economic potential in consumer, trade and technology sectors as the country pivots business towards Asia.

Key opportunities

  • Consumer

  • Technology

  • Trade

Key opportunities in Russia - 1
Russia is experiencing a growth in e-commerce, which creates new opportunities for consumer businesses as well as those that enable e-commerce, such as warehouse service, fulfilment service and CRM system providers.
Key opportunities in Russia - 2

Through the Skolkovo Foundation Centre, Russia drives innovation in key areas such as energy efficiency conservation, information technology development, biomedical engineering equipment, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, and space exploration.

Partner Russian companies and startups to innovate and develop new products and services in those areas.

Key opportunities in Russia - 3

Russia is a key supplier of oil and gas, wheat, metals and fertilizers, a large portion of which is exported to Asia. Singapore companies can not only invest into these sectors, but also leverage Russia’s trade with Asia for business.

For example, Singapore companies, which have deep knowledge of the region and networks, are well-placed to partner Russian companies to export products to Southeast Asia.

Learn about Russia's business hub

Learn about Business Hubs in Russia - 1

Moscow is Russia’s capital and biggest city. It is also the country’s most important transportation hub and political, economic, cultural and scientific centre. The city is served by major airports, railway stations, river ports and the Moscow Metro, an extensive underground network.

Ways for you to start in Russia

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