Local Enterprise and Association Development (LEAD) Programme

About this programme

Trade associations and chambers (TACs) are key enablers in enterprise upgrading and industry development. TACs keen to play a more active role in driving capability development and internationalisation projects can apply for the Local Enterprise and Association Development Programme (LEAD) programme.

  • Support developmental areas to transform industries, upgrade capabilities, and facilitate internationationalisation for local enterprises 

Key support features

  • Enterprise capability and industry development
    Innovate and automate for better productivity. This includes adopting technology, developing industry-wide certification and technical standards, and establishing shared infrastructure or service.
  • Market access
    Help companies access overseas markets through participation in international trade fairs and overseas business missions.
  • TAC capability upgrading
    Strengthen internal capabilities to be effective change agents and industry multipliers.

Support scope

Support for up to 70% of eligible costs for qualifying projects, including:

  • Manpower-related costs: project members' salaries
  • Equipment and materials: equipment, materials, consumables and technical software required for the project
  • Professional services: consultancy and subcontracting
  • Business development costs: organising a Singapore Pavilion at Trade Fairs or leading Business Missions
  • Intellectual property costs: licensing, royalties and technology acquisition costs


  • Only open to TACs
    These include Singapore-registered societies, professional bodies, unions of employers, overseas business chambers, and companies limited by guarantee.
  • Represent a key industry and have a sizeable membership
    A key industry is one that contributes significantly to the economy, has strong gross domestic product (GDP) and revenue contribution, and a large employment size.
  • Demonstrate a strong track record in helping enterprises
  • Have a strong and able leadership team with a long-term vision of developing the industry
  • Project(s) to be undertaken must not have started at the same time of the application


Ready to apply?
If you are eligible for the Local Enterprise and Association Development (LEAD) Programme, reach out to us for more information below.


Starting a consultancy project to drive industry development?
It is recommended that the TAC engage management consultants who possess EnterpriseSG-recognised certification.

See more information on EnterpriseSG certification 

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