Get Tested, Inspected or Certified by a Conformity Assessment Body

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Testing, inspection and certification ensure the safety, integrity and quality of goods and services across different end industries. Through assessments by accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs), you can provide customers with quality assurance for your goods and services.

Get Tested and Certified

Consider engaging a CAB accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC). They are assessed according to international standards, and with the SAC being a signatory to Mutual Recognition Arrangements, these international frameworks will enable you to export your goods and services without the need for re-testing or certification.

SAC marks

CABs accredited by the SAC will carry an SAC accreditation mark. Accredited reports or certificates issued by the CAB will bear an SAC mark along with the accreditation number. CABs are only allowed to issue SAC-accredited reports and certificates for tests, calibrations, inspections, certifications or audits within their respective scope of accreditation.

Combined marks

To recognise SAC’s signatory status to Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs) or Multilateral Recognition Arrangements (MLAs) with international organisations such as the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and International Accreditation Forum (IAF), combined marks can be used by SAC-accredited CABs for their recognised scope.

An accredited laboratory or inspection body is encouraged to use the Accredited CAB Combined ILAC MRA Mark to demonstrate that it is accredited by a signatory of the ILAC MRA, while an accredited certification body is encouraged to use the Accredited CAB Combined IAF MLA Mark to demonstrate that it is accredited by a signatory of the IAF MLA.

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Prepare for testing, inspection or certification

  • Steps
  • Know the requirements
  • Get buy-in from management and establish a team
  • Perform gap analysis and implement the management system processes
  • Choose a suitable CAB and prepare for assessment
  • Review your systems and processes
Your business might need to demonstrate that you meet industry or regulatory standards to provide quality assurance to your consumers and stakeholders.

Consider the testing, inspection or certification requirements for your business by reviewing the applicable standards.

Consider appointing a team with defined roles and responsibilities to develop, document and implement the required processes and management system fundamentals that meet the requirements of the applicable standards.

The team should identify key business functions and essential employees who will be impacted by the standards.

Identify gaps through an analysis audit with reference to the requirements of the applicable standards, and address requirements that are not met.

Determine resources required (e.g. manpower, equipment, finances) based on the gap analysis results.

Provide training to essential employees that will be impacted. Consider seeking help from external consultants or training providers if needed.

Your business might need services such as consultancy and training, as well as audit and certifications. However, potential conflicts of interest may arise. As consultancy and certification are two separate processes, you are advised to call for two different tenders so that different service providers can carry these services out effectively.

If both are to be covered in the same purchasing document, you should specify consultancy and training services, and audit and certification services as two distinct scopes. Different service providers can thus bid for specific services.

CABs provide the proper guidelines and details required for testing, inspection or certification that your business needs. It is important that you choose and connect with the right CAB that supports your compliance needs. Consider engaging a CAB accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) as they are assessed according to international standards.

Validate your management system processes through conduct of internal audits and hold management review meetings to prepare for your assessment by the appointed CAB.

Search for a suitable SAC-accredited CAB that matches your business needs via the link below.

Upon completion of assessment by your appointed CAB and receiving your reports or certifications, conduct regular reviews of your management system processes and make refinements to ensure they remain effective for your business.

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