Technology economic hub

Gain access into Israel’s manufacturing, Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles and robotics industries.

Startup hub

Israel houses the highest number of startups in the world, after Silicon Valley.

Venture into Israel

Be a partner in co-innovation projects supported by the Singapore–Israel Industrial R&D Foundation.

Key opportunities

  • Technology & innovation

  • Consumer

  • Startups

Key opportunities in Israel - 1

A global technology and innovation powerhouse, Israel has a strong reputation for technological excellence. Many leading international tech companies, such as Apple, Cisco, IBM and Microsoft, have established R&D centres in Israel.

Innovate and transform your company's technologies by teaming up with Israeli innovators through acquisition or licensing for use in your product lineup.

Work together on joint development projects around Israeli technologies in these key areas:
  • Agrifoodtech
  • Green energy
  • Cleantech, watertech
  • Cybersecurity
  • Biotech and healthcare technology
  • Autonomous vehicles and robotics
  • Industrial Internet of Things

Check out the Singapore–Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (SIIRD) for innovation opportunities.

Key opportunities in Israel - 2

Israeli consumers have high purchasing power, giving rise to e-commerce market opportunities in the nation.

Capitalise on Israel's large domestic consumption of imported food products. On top of that, there is a growing interest in Asian food products from Singapore’s food manufacturers with established reputations.

Ease your company’s entry into the Israeli market by working with local partners through the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce or participate in the Singapore Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) trade show.

Key opportunities in Israel - 3

Israel has a vibrant startup ecosystem comprising young and competitive startup companies. The country has the highest number of startups per capita in the world and is a leader in autonomous driving, cleantech, cybersecurity, digital health, and enterprise software.

Leading multinational corporations recognise Israel's technological prowess. Some have acquired Israeli startups and turned them into centres of innovation and excellence, while others have merged startups into existing research centers.

If your business is looking for tech sourcing and co-creation opportunities in Israel, work with Israeli innovation partners or accelerators who can facilitate the flow of startups between Israel and Singapore.

Ways for you to start in Israel

Kickstart your internationalisation journey

Plan ahead by understanding your readiness to expand overseas, and explore resources for your business.