FAQ: Global Ready Talent Programme


  • Company Eligibility
    • Can non-profit organisations participate in GRT programmes? 

      No. Applicant companies to GRT must be business entities that are incorporated in Singapore.

    • My company doesn't have a physical presence. Are we still eligible for GRT? 
      To facilitate a meaningful internship, which includes ensuring that the intern receives sufficient guidance from mentors, applicant companies are strongly encouraged to:
      1. Have a physical office presence, and
      2. Carry out internships via a fully face-to-face arrangement, or a combination of face-to-face and work from home arrangement, per the company’s prevailing practice.
  • Student Eligibility
    • What is the student's eligibility for the GRT grant? 
      Students participating in GRT must meet ALL the following criteria:
      1. Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident; AND
      2. Full-time student pursuing an undergraduate degree or diploma from any of the following eligible institutions (full list can be accessed here, under ‘i am a student’); or a full-time nitec/higher nitec student.
    • Can i take on the same student for another internship?

      GRT only supports one internship stint per student per organisation.

  • Application
    • How do i renew my GRT application? 
      The following will occur 3 months before a company's GRT application expires:
      1. The company will receive a system generated email reminder, and
      2. A renewal hyperlink will appear on their dashboard on GRTNet. Upon clicking the link, the company can commence the application renewal process.

      For a step-by-step guide, please refer to Section 11 of the company user guide.

    • Can i change my Approved-in-Principle (AIP) partner? 
      Yes. Your company may withdraw your approved GRT application and reapply under your preferred TAC. Please note that you will have to restart the company application process. 
  • Internship Listing
    • What is the minimum duration of internships under GRT?

      The minimum support period is 4 weeks for local internships; 2 weeks for overseas internships; 4 weeks for the local phase and 2 weeks for the overseas phase for hybrid internships.

    • I would like to offer a hybrid internship. Who do I liase with?

      Please liaise with the Institute of Higher Learning’s (IHL) career office about your interest to offer a hybrid internship. IHLs are responsible for facilitating overseas internship placements, as well as disbursing the overseas allowance to the student.

    • I am unable to submit an internship listing.

      Please ensure that your company has an approved GRT company application. If it already does, please ensure that all mandatory fields on the internship listing submission page are completed and scroll up to check for any error messages.

    • My internship listing has disappeared from the page.

      Job listings that have been on the system for over 6 months or have had all their requested positions filled will be archived by the system. If this is applicable to your enterprise, please submit your new job positions to your TAC AIP for approval.

  • Internship Placement
    • I have made an error in the student’s details while filling in the internship placement information, how do I amend it?
      Once the student’s account is created, only the student can change his/her personal details. Therefore, please advise the student to log in to the system from https://www.beglobalready.gov.sg/ with his/her Singpass and update his/her details.
    • I have submitted the internship placement but I need to make changes, how do I amend it?

      Please approach your Approved-in-Principle partner to rework the placement with your amendments.

    • I received an error message stating that my intern is not eligible for the placement.

      Please check if your job listing’s Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) requirement matches the intern’s qualifications. For example, if your job listing requires a university student, the system will not allow a diploma student to be placed in this position.

    • What should I do when an internship is terminated early?

      Do approach your Approved-in-Principle (AIP) partner. Please note that EnterpriseSG reserves the right to reject early terminations without proof of valid reason and to decide on the validity of the reason.

  • Claim and Grant Disbursement
    • My student did not receive the internship feedback email notification. How does he/she access the feedback form?

      Please advise the student to login to the system from https://www.beglobalready.gov.sg/ with his/her Singpass to access the feedback link.

    • How do I check if the intern has submitted their feedback?

      Once the intern has completed the feedback form, the record will be sent to your company for claims submission. You can check the status under the ‘Feedback Submitted’ column in your company’s list of claim applications in GRTNet.

    • I am unable to find the placement ID to submit the claim.

      As per the Letter of Offer, the company has 6 months from the end date of the internship to submit its claim. If your company is unable to find the placement ID on the claim tab, the validity period has probably ended. Your company may apply for a one-time extension within 3 months from the original claim deadline (which is 6 months from the internship end date).

    • Where is my claim?

      You may login to GRTNet to view the status of your claim. All claims submitted are queued for verification upon receipt and authentication of supporting documents.

    • How do I apply for a claim extension?

      All claims must be submitted within 6 months from the end of the internship (as stated in the LOF) to be valid. Companies may request for a one-time extension within 3 months from the end of the original claim’s validity period. However, if the claim extension submission period has been exceeded or if you have previously submitted an extension request, no further extension will be given.

      Please log in to the GRTNet to request for an extension. For a step-by-step guide, please refer to Section 27 of the company user guide.

    • When will I get my grant disbursement?

      You will receive an email notification once your claim has been approved. Thereafter, it will take an estimated 1-2 weeks for the grant disbursement to be credited to your company’s bank account.

  • System-related Issues
    • I can't log in to GRTNet.

      Please be advised that the recommended web browsers are Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox. If you are already using one of these web browsers, please clear your cache/browsing history and try reloading the page.

      If you continue to face issues logging in, please check if your company’s CorpPass admin has granted access to GRTNet from your CorpPass account. They may do so by:
      • Login to CorpPass with your UEN/Entity ID, CorpPass ID and password.
      • Select Entity Digital Services.
      • Under the e-Services Access tab, select the Entity’s e-services box.
      • On the search bar to the right (next to Filter), type in ‘Global Ready Talent’ or explore the list of digital services and search for ‘Global Ready Talent Programme Portal’.
      • Click next until you reach the Submit button.

      Once you have done so, you may click on ‘Register as Company’ in GRTNet to register a new account or click on ‘Login’ if your company already have a registered account in our portal.

    • How do I add a new Authorised Representative (AR)?

      To add an Authorized Representative for your Company, you will need to grant the new user access rights to our programme in CorpPass’s settings.

      Once the new user has been added in CorpPass, he/she may log in to our portal by selecting Login for Company. The system will then prompt him/her to log in with SingPass.

      Upon his/her first login, he/she will be required to provide details such as designation, email address and contact details. His/her record will then be saved as Authorized Representative for your company.

    • How do I deactivate access for an Authorised Representative (AR)?

      Your company’s Authorised Representative will need to deactivate user access in the CorpPass settings.

    • I can't upload my documents in Company profile.
      After you click Browse, select your file, and click the Upload button. Please add a brief file description in the textbox below the file’s name. Click the Add File button to add this file to the table. You may then submit your documents. Please ensure the files are below 2MB, do not contain any special characters and do not include zip files.

Management Associate (MA)

  • Is it possible for a shorter-term program (<1 year) to be supported under the GRT MA Program?

    No. The 1-year overseas posting is a minimum requirement. However, the posting can be split into smaller overseas stints, as long as the 12 months are accumulated within a 24-month period.

  • Are there any arrangements between EnterpriseSG and the China Tax Authorities regarding taxes to be paid if there is a strict 1-year minimum term for the programme?

    The 12-month cumulative period applies to all markets across ASEAN, China, and India. for example, the management associate could spend 8 months in China, 3 months in Indonesia and 1 month in India. Companies should adhere to the respective overseas markets’ regulations and laws, including for tax.