4 tips to break into the US consumer electronics market
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Consumer Electronics market in the United States of America: 4 tips to break into the US consumer electronics market

3 tips to break into the US consumer electronics market

Did you know that the US has the world’s largest consumer economy, representing more than 20% of the global GDP? According to a recent study done by intelligencenode (a global tech company), 1.92 billion people will make an online purchase in 2019 and this will contribute to the global e-commerce hitting the $4.1 trillion mark. The US consumer electronics scene alone is expected to top $130 billion by 2023.1 More than just a market, the US is a major gateway to the world.

This large and fast-growing US consumer electronics market presents vast opportunities for our local players. One company that has successfully walked this path is Razer, a Singapore gaming hardware company. It started in 2005 with a single product - a computer mouse designed for gamers which it introduced at The Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas Since then, Razer has leveraged this hugely popular tradeshow to launch its series of gaming hardware products. In fact, this San Diego and Singapore-headquartered company generated US$392 million in revenue last year, and has been listed in Hong Kong since November 2017.

Here are some tips if you to want to follow in the footsteps of Razer and capture the consumer electronics market in the US:

1. Have your manufacturing and supply chain ready-to-go

Typically, US distributors and retailers expect you to deliver product in two months or less after they place an order. So before you enter the market, ensure that you have planned for a comprehensive manufacturing and supply chain system which is backed by good financial support. This helps to prevent potential business disruption should manufacturing hiccups occur.

Next, connect with a distribution partner who can help you increase sales through new retail channels across both online, and brick and mortar platforms. Ensure that you spend enough time and effort on each online marketplace to understand the consumer trends so you can market your brand effectively.

2. Develop a good brand story and marketing strategy that appeals

US consumers are spoilt for choice with the variety of consumer technology in the market. So if you want your product to stand out, focus on developing a good brand story and marketing strategy. Brands that tell a story usually connect better. This is applicable not just to US consumers, but to consumers around the world too. Creating a good story can also help you convince distributors and retailers to test out a relatively unknown brand from Singapore.

Companies can reach out to our partners such as The Launchpad Agency and Lotus 823, who specialise in localised marketing campaigns to bring your products into the US market.

Case study 1
The Launchpad Agency helped Spendwallet, a producer of electronic wallets, with its pre-marketing strategies to create social capital and brand buzz before its product launch on Indiegogo. Then, they drove traffic and sales through Facebook. They focused PR efforts on outlets that were likely reach early adopters of Spendwallet’s product. Ultimately, they raised an amount of S$142,000, exceeding the target by 3.5 times.

Case study 2
Sevenhugs, a smart-home technology company joined the Consumer Electronics Show and engaged Lotus 823 for campaign support. With less than one month to the trade show, Lotus 823 reached out to its network of key media, top publications, men’s interest outlets, among others and pitched for Sevenhugs to be featured in the pre-show media event. With these efforts, Sevenhugs was featured in more than 250 articles across print and online media, creating over 812 million total impressions. With this exposure, their Smart Remove skyrockets to $1 million in pre-orders.

3. Find the right partner in-market to scale up your sales

The most successful consumer electronics companies in the US have in-market partners who are on the ground to promote the brand and its products. You can hire someone directly and train the individual to understand your company and products well. Alternatively, work with a retail sales consultant who can attend tradeshows on your behalf, so that they can help formulate a channel strategy for your brand.

Speak to our North America in-market officers for connections to the right business partners.

4. Fast-track your sales with a product showcase at a tradeshow

You can participate in in-market tradeshows to test new ideas, get product feedback and contacts of in-market partners.

Here are some yearly tradeshows that you can consider:

  • Consumer Electronics Show: World’s largest consumer technology show, with 4,000 exhibitors and more than 180,000 visitors over four days.

  • The Consumer Technology ECRM: B2B tradeshow that occurs in March and July of each year where brands are matched to buyers from retailers and distributors across North America. Each company can expect 40-50 ten-minute meetings over the course of three days.

To kick-start your venture, you may explore working with our in-market partners to help you navigate the US consumer tech landscape:

Company Offerings
Consultancy services

Product Realization Group

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Levin Consulting

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Culliton Channel Consulting and Channel Direct

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Online retail platforms


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Branding, marketing and PR agencies

The Launchpad Agency

  • Specialises in launching products and brands in the US through crowdfunding and marketing campaigns.

Lotus 823

  • Boutique integrated marketing communications agency.
  • Specialises in engaging audiences through content marketing, experiential events, Hispanic marketing, public relations and social media marketing.


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Please reach out to us at go.gov.sg/askenterprisesg.