How did standards become a part of our lives?
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Standards: The X factor: How did standards become a part of our lives?

Unseen and unheard, standards are like the world’s clockwork, helping it run smoothly, and have become an integral part of our lives.

When dining out today, we can dig into that charcuterie platter confidently because the meat has been processed and handled according to quality and hygiene standards. At work, standards for sizes and measurements ensure that when we order A4-sized paper for printing, we receive it in that exact dimension.

But how did standards come about? The story goes as far back as the 20th century.

The X factor

Over the years, high standards and quality have also become hallmarks of Singapore’s products and services, allowing our businesses to stand out among global competition.

Find out more about why standards matter when it comes to doing business in the next instalment.