Singapore Global Enterprises Initiative

About this programme

The Singapore Global Enterprises (SGE) initiative aims to grow a new generation of promising Singapore enterprises into globally competitive industry leaders. These SGEs will have significant global footprint and market presence, resilient supply chain and leadership in innovation and product segments, while maintaining strong presence in Singapore. This will contribute to outsized economic benefits and job opportunities for Singapore and Singaporeans.

Key components

The SGE initiative builds on our Scale-Up programme. It will leverage existing schemes and programmes, as well as introduce new ones, to provide targeted and customised support in the following areas:
  • Strengthening capabilities in key areas such as digitalisation, sustainability, internationalisation and growth financing, and helping companies expand and anchor core business activities in Singapore.
  • Developing strong talent pool for the future through the Singapore Global Executive Programme (SGEP).
  • Building sustained innovation capabilities through the setup of in-house research and development and/or innovation centres.
  • Accelerating global expansion to grow market networks and international footprint as well as diversify supply chain.

To multiply this effect, we will launch a new Scale-Up X programme, comprising a range of targeted capability development support; one of which is on Investment & Initial Public Offering (IPO) Readiness to strengthen companies’ capabilities to tap public and private markets for growth capital to support them in scaling up.

New programmes to support the above will be progressively introduced over the next one to two years.

Find out more
Participation in the initiative is only available to selected companies. Interested companies may reach out to us using the link available below.

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