Emerging major economy

Bank on Poland as the fifth largest economy in the European Union – a stable, fast-growing economy.

Gateway to the region

Poland’s strategic location between East and West Europe makes it a major logistics hub in the region.

Bilateral trade agreements

Leverage the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement and the Avoidance of Double Tax agreement for lowered import barriers.

Key opportunities

  • Information & communications technology

  • Automotive & aerospace

  • Transport & logistics

Key opportunities in Poland - 1

Ranking third in the world for software development, Poland has a large research and development sector. The government has also dedicated a sizable portion of funds in areas such as software development focused on enterprise software, marketing solutions and gaming.

Capture opportunities in Poland’s thriving technology ecosystem which is enabled by the European Union’s (EU) financial programmes.

Key opportunities in Poland - 2

Poland has a thriving manufacturing hub in the sectors of automotive and aerospace. Many international companies have established operations in Poland due to the availability of skilled and affordable labour, as well as the country's proximity to western Europe and its membership in the EU.

The country's aviation industry produces ultra-light aircraft, gliders, planes, helicopters, subassemblies, and aircraft engines. About 90% of these products are exported to countries including the US, Italy, Canada, China, Ukraine, Australia, the UK, France, and Germany.

With shorter lead times, lower logistics costs, and proximity to western Europe, Poland is an attractive market for many European clients to establish production houses in, presenting many opportunities for you to expand your business.

Key opportunities in Poland - 3

The transport and logistics sectors are vital to Poland’s economic growth, and the nation has several airports and shipping ports that make it a significant logistics hub.

Opportunities in air transport is expected to grow, with passenger numbers projected to reach 60 million by 2030.

Poland is also a hub for trade between China and western Europe, with many containers from China going through the logistics centre in Małaszewicze.

By 2025, the nation is also considering building a second floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage and regasification terminal on the Baltic Sea.

Take advantage of the growing opportunities in transport and logistics in Poland. Its location and ice-free Baltic ports also make it an important gateway between East and West Europe and gives your business a key edge for expansion.

Learn about Poland's business hub

Learn about Business Hubs in Poland -1

As the capital, Warsaw is a key tourist hotspot, and economic hub rich in cultural and political history. It is also the centre of research and development, and offers vast talent pool skilled in information technology and business.

Ways for you to start in Poland

Kickstart your internationalisation journey

Plan ahead by understanding your readiness to expand overseas, and explore resources for your business.