Business Excellence

Based on the internationally benchmarked Business Excellence (BE) framework, the BE initiative gives businesses insights on how they can improve business performance. The BE initiative was first introduced in 1994 as a recognition programme to strengthen Singapore organisations' capabilities and instill the mindset of organisational excellence.

To date, over 2,000 organisations have been recognised through the BE awards and certifications. Many leveraged the BE framework to strive for robust standards of management practices.

25 years on, key stakeholders have assessed that the BE initiative has achieved its intent in instilling excellence among organisations, and hence have come to a closure in 2020.

While the BE initiative as a recognition programme concludes, the mindset and practice of business excellence remain salient. The key elements of excellence are supported by various programmes, initiatives and awards administered by economic agencies and industry partners.

For BE certified organisations, the certifications are still valid for three to four years from the date of certification, depending on the certification type.

Businesses who are interested to embark on their capability building journey can reach out to the SME Centres here.