Centre of trade routes 

Mozambique is strategically located near major global routes for coal, oil, and other minerals. The Port of Maputo receives increasing volumes of global trade and is of big economic importance to the country.

Rising economy

Public expenditure and foreign direct investments have been funding massive infrastructure projects. The discovery of gas will further boost economic growth in the long-term.

Abundant natural resources

Mozambique’s wealth of natural resources from iron ore to gold, gemstones and mineral tantalite has garnered interest from foreign investors to explore resource development projects.

Key opportunities

  • Oil & gas

  • Agriculture

Key opportunities in Mozambique - 1

Mozambique is expected to be among the world’s top 10 producers of natural gas and coal by 2030.

Partner local firms and capture opportunities in gas explorations, as the government in Mozambique pushes ahead with the US$20 billion Natural-Gas Plan.

Key opportunities in Mozambique - 2

Agriculture is the backbone of Mozambique’s economy, where it contributes to more than a quarter of its GDP and employs 80% of its labour force.

Mozambique’s agriculture sector is still largely traditional, with farmers relying on simple tools and often lacking materials such as fertilisers for their farms. It is also highly vulnerable to climate changes and extreme weather conditions, resulting in persistent food insecurity and low efficiencies in the use of farmland.

Singapore companies can find opportunities to share urban farming and agriculture technology that can help Mozambique improve agricultural productivity.

Learn about Mozambique's business hub

Learn about Mozambique's business hubs

Maputo is capital of Mozambique, and the country’s largest city. It serves as the administrative, communications and commercial centre of the country. It attracts tourists and investors from all over the world, and has robust trade, manufacturing, and service sectors.

Ways for you to start in Mozambique

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