Strategic location

Egypt is well positioned as a regional export hub, thanks to its location along key international trade routes and proximity to the Arabian, African, American, and European markets.

Skilled talent

Egypt’s population is not only large and youthful but also skilled, with the government upgrading talent through education and vocational training.

Growing economy

Egypt's reforms to stimulate economic growth, boost the efficiency of land allocation and improve the transparency of state-owned enterprises are set to pave the way for greater private sector development and export-led growth.

Key opportunities

  • Consumer goods & services

  • Infrastructure

  • Manufacturing

  • Tourism

  • Offshore and marine & energy

Key opportunities in Egypt - 1

Egypt’s consumer market continues to have vast growth potential, backed by a growing middle class, youthful demographic and high household consumption.

However, the Egyptian consumer today is more discerning and seeks quality as well as sustainably-sourced products and services. This presents opportunities for Singapore companies to innovate and leverage our reputation for quality to gain a competitive advantage in Egypt.

Key opportunities in Egypt - 2

The Egyptian government is focusing on infrastructure projects to spur economic growth, and welcomes foreign direct investment as a stimulus towards the country’s development.

To spur economic growth, Egypt has made infrastructure development a priority. In recent years, it has built new airports, ports and cities such as the New Administrative Capital.

Singapore’s expertise in project development, technical expertise, financing, and advisory services puts homegrown businesses at an advantage. Leverage Singapore's infrastructure ecosystem and explore working with other Singapore companies to address Egypt’s infrastructure needs.

Key opportunities in Egypt - 3

Manufacturing remains a key driver of Egypt’s economy, with the government implementing reforms to attract foreign investment and raise productivity.

Going forward, Egypt plans to shift towards technology-intensive, higher-value-added manufacturing and build Industry 4.0 capabilities.

Key opportunities in Egypt - 4

Investor confidence in Egypt is on the rise again, prompting luxury hotel chains to set up shop in the country. Upcoming developments are aimed at transforming the tourism sector and bringing more tourists back to Egypt.

The rebound in tourism in Egypt bodes well for Singapore businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry. Consider extending your service offerings to Egypt, be it through fly-cruise-stay packages, tailored travel itineraries, or tourist accommodation.

Key opportunities in Egypt - 5

Egypt is actively developing its offshore gas resources through appointing integrated oil companies (IOCs) in production sharing contracts. ENI’s giant Zohr field is now in production and new exploration activity is happening abundantly. Egypt has liquefaction facilities for the production of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) which it even offers as a service to neighbouring countries.

Egypt also has high potential to be a major hub of clean energy and green hydrogen or ammonia in the region due to the abundance of sunshine and investor friendly policies such as the Golden Licence scheme.

Learn about Egypt's business hub

Learn about business hubs in Egypt

Cairo is Egypt’s capital and serves as an ideal launchpad for your business in the region. It enjoys preferential access to regional markets, with Egypt being a member of various trade agreements, such as the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, Pan-Arab Free Trade Agreement and African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

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