United States of America

Transport and logistics capital for Asia-US trade

California is home to major deep-seaports, bustling air cargo hubs, and Class 1 railroads.

Global technology and innovation hub

Leverage a 1.9 million-strong workforce and its specialities as a venture capital and technology hub with a niche in media and entertainment, foodtech and biotech, and info-communications.

Centre for advanced, high-tech manufacturing

Grow your expertise in emerging technologies by working with Californian companies operating in industries such as medical technology and food manufacturing.

Key opportunities

  • Los Angeles – Singapore Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

California - Key information

The LA-SG MoU is the first ever city-level collaboration between Singapore and Los Angeles. It was established between the City of Los Angeles and Enterprise Singapore, supported by Global LA and World Trade Center Los Angeles, to jointly promote greater cooperation between the two cities, and strengthen cooperation for the mutual benefit of sector development and increased competitiveness of both Los Angeles and Singapore companies. The strategic areas of cooperation include sustainability, transport and logistics, as well as advanced manufacturing and supply chain resilience.

Expand your business in California

  • Key Contacts

    Get in touch with partners, government agencies, and Singapore associations in California.

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