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GIA San Francisco
Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) San Francisco
For Singapore-based tech startups and SMEs looking to expand into the United States through San Francisco.

Singapore’s Bilateral Agreements with the United States

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    US–Singapore Free Trade Agreement (USSFTA)

    The USSFTA entered into force in January 2014, making it easier for Singapore companies to do business in the US.

    The key benefits of the USSFTA include tariff elimination for all trade in goods, enhanced market access for service providers, an open and predictable investment environment, enhanced access to government procurement opportunities, intellectual property protection and the promotion of e-commerce and digital products.

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    US–Singapore Partnership for Growth and Innovation (PGI)

    Building on our strong ties, the US and Singapore have launched a strategic pathfinder for new ways to deepen economic integration between the US and Southeast Asia.

    The PGI aims to increase collaboration between US and Singapore companies by strengthening trade and investment collaboration in new and forward-looking areas, starting with (i) digital economy and smart cities; (ii) advanced manufacturing and supply chains; (iii) clean energy and environmental technologies; and (iv) healthcare.

    Businesses and governments from the broader Southeast Asia region are welcomed to participate in PGI activities.

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