Malaysia-Singapore Third Country Business Development Fund

About this programme

The Malaysia-Singapore Third Country Business Development Fund (MSBDF) was established by the Governments of Malaysia and Singapore to support collaboration between Singapore and Malaysia companies. It is jointly administered by Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG) and Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).

Supportable activities include joint business missions and joint feasibility studies in third countries, as well as joint pilots in Singapore, Malaysia or third countries.

MSBDF supports activities in but is not limited to the following sectors: manufacturing, tourism, infrastructure development, construction, information technology, trading and services, green technology, and digital economy.

MSBDF covers up to 50% of eligible expenses, capped at RM 200,000 per activity. View the list of supportable activities and eligible expenses here.


  • Entities that are registered in Singapore or Malaysia under the relevent laws:
    • Registration of Business Act / Business Names Registration Act
    • Societies Act
    • Companies Act
  • Local companies from Singapore and Malaysia, defined in the respective countries as:
    • At least 51% equity owned by Citizen(s) of Malaysia.
    • At least 30% equity owned by Citizen(s) / Permanent Resident(s) of Singapore.
  • Business associations, defined as local business associations established either in Singapore or Malaysia, and jointly approved by EnterpriseSG and MIDA

Key support features

  • Joint missions

    Organising and participating in joint missions to third countries to identify business and investment opportunities.

  • Joint feasibility studies

    Commissioning of independent investment bankers, management consultants, accountants and lawyers in carrying out the following activities in third countries: (1) target-specific due diligence studies and (2) market feasibility studies.

  • Joint pilots

    Conducting pilots or test-bedding activities, in but not limited to the areas of digital and green economy.

How to apply

  • Identify your lead association / company, who will submit the application and claims on behalf of all the participating associations / companies.

  • Submit your application via email to either EnterpriseSG or MIDA, depending on the country of origin of the applicant.

  • Application must be submitted at least 60 working days before the commencement of work.
After you apply
  • Accept the Letter of Offer within 1 month from the date of issuance.

  • Submit your claims when all activity deliverables have been achieved, within 90 working days of the completion of the activity. Activities are supported on a reimbursement basis.
  • How to submit claims
    1. Engage an independent third-party auditor to verify the claims prior to submission, within the 90 working days. All fees in respect of the engagement of the auditors shall be borne by the applicant.
    2. Your lead association / company must submit the claims via email to either EnterpriseSG or MIDA within 90 working days of the completion of the activity.

      - For lead association / company in Singapore
      Southeast Asia Division, Enterprise Singapore

      - For lead association / company in Malaysia
      Cross-Border Investment Division, Malaysian Investment Development Authority,

Ready to apply?
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