• Aquaculture Innovation Centre

    Get support in applied research, skill training and development, and consulting services areas such as energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

  • Centre of Innovation for Complementary Health Products

    Get innovative and customised solutions for Complementary Health Products (CHP).

  • Centre of Innovation for Electronics & Internet of Things

    Boost your capabilities in areas such as product development, market research and testbedding.

  • Centre of Innovation for Supply Chain Management

    Develop your supply chain & logistics capabilities in areas such as automation and analytics.

  • EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy

    Access co-innovation ecosystems and get support to translate technologies into energy solutions.

  • Environmental and Water Technology Centre of Innovation

    Tap expertise and resources in the areas such as water treatment technologies and clean energy.

  • Food Innovation & Resource Centre

    Improve food innovation with support in areas such as product development and packaging innovation.

  • Precision Engineering Centre of Innovation

    Sustain, transform and advance precision engineering processes through areas such as supply chain management and manufacturing automation.

  • The Centre of Innovation for Beauty and Personal Care

    Bring your beauty and personal care products more quickly to market through innovation.

  • The Centre of Innovation for Built Environment – Advanced Materials

    Implement technology innovation in areas such as advanced construction materials, construction chemicals and maintenance solutions.

  • Urban Agriculture Centre of Innovation

    Build up your innovation capabilities across the urban agriculture value chain in areas such as smart farming and plant biotechnology.



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