Eureka Globalstars-Japan Call

About this programme

The Eureka Globalstars-Japan Call aims to encourage the development of ready-to-market solutions for products, technology-based services or methods that have strong commercial potential. This is administered under Eureka’s Globalstars framework, by the respective national and regional funding bodies of participating countries.

For Globalstars-Japan 2023, the participating countries are: Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, Singapore, and Spain.

Singapore companies keen to embark on joint innovation projects with companies from any one or more of the participating countries can receive support by participating in the Globalstars-Japan call for R&D projects.

About Eureka Network and NEDO

Eureka Network

Eureka Network is the world’s biggest public network for international cooperation in R&D and innovation, present in over 45 countries.

Eureka was established in 1985 as an agreement between 18 countries and the European Commission to foster competitiveness and market integration and to encourage R&D cooperation. Since then, it has expanded to include 47 countries (in Europe and beyond) who share the same goals and provide national funding to organisations to support international industry-led R&D and co-innovation.

Globalstars is a funding mechanism under Eureka which runs calls for selected participating member countries with countries outside of the network.


NEDO is Japan’s national R&D agency that promotes, facilitates, and catalyses the development of new technologies and inventions are high-risk, innovative, and with practical applications. Through their support programmes, they hope to contribute towards solving social issues and building a more sustainable society.


The project consortium must involve at least one company from Singapore and one company from any one of the following countries: Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, and Spain. All companies should be independent from each other. Each project partner should contribute no more than 70% of the total project contribution.

All Singapore companies must meet all of the following eligibility criteria in order to apply:

  • Business entity registered and operating in Singapore
  • Company has at least 30% local equity held directly or indirectly by Singaporean(s) and/or Singapore PR(s), determined by the ultimate individual ownership
  • Company is financially ready to start and complete the project
  • Companies must cooperate on a joint innovation project that will focus on developing innovative products and applications within civilian purposes


Applications for the Eureka Globalstars-Japan Call are now closed. Interested applicants can register your interest here to be notified of upcoming programmes.

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