About this programme

Organised by German Entrepreneurship Asia (GEA), the GIA Munich Acceleration Programme is an in-market, growth acceleration programme designed to support Singapore-based tech startups and SMEs in their expansion to Europe. Also known as Scaler8, the programme provides companies with the framework and know-how to navigate the Germany market with confidence, with market exploration and access services tailored to the needs of each individual company.

Scaler8 Explore
An eight-week programme aimed at helping participants build a solid foundation for expansion, identify opportunities within the German market, and strengthen their offerings. The programme includes a week-long immersion in Germany*, where participants can get connected with GEA’s extensive network of partners and mentors, and potential customers.

For participants who require further strategic advice and mentoring sessions, Scaler8 Explore offers an optional add-on, Explore Extension, which spans three months. Explore Extension includes a total of eight hours of advice and partnership building support from the Scaler8 team, and and eight hours of extended coaching online by Scaler8 mentors.

  • Fee for Scaler8 Explore: S$5,500 per startup or SME, after support from Enterprise Singapore
  • Fee for Explore Extension: S$2,000 per startup or SME

Scaler8 Access
A 16-week programme and market immersion in Germany*, where participants will receive support to develop a comprehensive expansion roadmap and be guided through its implementation. They will get to tap GEA's network of in-market experts, who cover everything from business strategy and pilot negotiations, to incorporation, talent and company acquisitions.

  • Fee for Scaler8 Access: S$18,200 per startup or SME, after support from Enterprise Singapore

Scaler8 Open Innovation
In this programme, participants will be matched with challenge statements posed by German companies from various sectors and embark on pilot projects to help them gain access to the market, pilot and commercialise solutions, and build a track record in Germany. Scaler8 Open Innovation will work with participants to refine their solutions and facilitate discussions with German corporates.

  • Fee for Scaler8 Open Innovation: S$600 per startup or SME, after support from Enterprise Singapore

About German Entrepreneurship Asia

German Entrepreneurship Asia is an innovation services provider specialised in building collaboration structures between governments, corporates, investors, startups, and universities in the innovation ecosystems of Asia and Europe. It focuses on facilitating global market expansion for startups to develop them into internationally recognised and successful ventures.

Key features

  • Accelerated market expansion
    Participants will get to deepen their knowledge of Munich's business landscape and culture, sharpen their business models and go-to-market strategies, and strengthen product-market fit.
  • 1-to-1 business meetings and mentoring sessions
    Participants will undergo mentoring by GEA's experts and advisors, who have deep industry expertise and networks. Participants will also be connected to potential clients, partners and investors.
  • Access to GEA's network
    Participants will get to tap into GEA's established global network of partners and mentors, extensive knowledge of the German and Asian business landscape, and experience scaling businesses.


Singapore-based tech startups and SMEs who have:

  • Incorporated with at least 30% local equity held directly or indirectly by Singaporean(s) and/or Singapore PR(s), determined by the ultimate individual ownership
  • An existing product in the market that has achieved initial traction OR demonstrated successful clinical trials/partnerships
  • Sufficient resources, e.g. stable funding and team

How to apply

Register your interest here and complete a brief questionnaire. Or contact GEA for more information:

Teodora Georgieva
Programme Director
E teodora.georgieva@german-entrepreneurship.asia

Kristin Eckert
Senior Programme Manager
E kristin.eckert@german-entrepreneurship.asia