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As part of Singapore Economy 2030, the Trade 2030 strategy will deepen and widen Singapore’s trade and help enterprises grow beyond our borders.

Through growing trade volume, diversifying trading activities, expanding trade with more parts of the world, and attracting more global traders and new trade flows through Singapore, the trade industry will see more re-exports and transhipment flows, and plug Singapore more deeply into global supply chains.

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As a global trading centre, Singapore offers a vibrant trade ecosystem, developed infrastructure, and trading channels to key international markets through trade agreements. Leverage Singapore’s strength to bring your goods to a wider pool of consumers.

Capture opportunities in exports and trade as you leverage Singapore’s connectivity to the world and status as one of the world’s friendliest places to grow your trade business.

Singapore is Asia’s key marketplace for the world's largest trading companies. With more than 35% of international companies placing one or more top-level corporate executives in Singapore, you have easy access to key decision makers in the industry.

Exchange information and structure deals effectively with the large pool of trading companies in Singapore.

You can also get support for your business from an extensive network of companies along the value chain – in financial, logistics, supply chain, and other related services.

Learn more about how Enterprise Singapore provides overseas missions and trade fairs for Singapore companies to reach out to global customers, obtain feedback on products and services, and explore opportunities in overseas markets.

The Wholesale Trade (WST) sector is an essential pillar of Singapore’s economy, comprising more than 50,000 organisations offering business-to-business (B2B) trading and distribution in verticals ranging from commodities to industrial and consumer products, generating close to 300,000 jobs in Singapore.

Local tertiary institutes in Singapore offer programmes with hands-on internships for students, while agencies like e2i provide opportunities for professionals to learn new skills and make a career switch into the wholesale trade through Career Conversion Programmes. This ensures the talent pool is equipped with the latest skillsets in this dynamic industry, and organisations can adapt business and operating models to shifting business landscapes in the future.

In recent years, an increasing number of clients from China, India, South Korea, and the US are using Singapore for arbitration, highlighting the growing use of Singaporean law to anchor business contracts in Asia.

The Singapore International Arbitration Centre, top in Asia and seventh globally, handles more than 200 new cases annually, with 63% of these cases being trade or shipping-related issues.

Count on Singapore’s stable government, transparent legal framework, and strong rule of law to safeguard your business interests. Singapore is also the number one corruption-free Asian country.

Singapore has signed more than 70 comprehensive Avoidance of Double Taxation agreements with other countries. This means you do not have to pay the same type of tax to both states, making cross-border trade more lucrative.

Enterprise Singapore’s Global Trader Programme offers reduced corporate tax rates to well-established international trading companies committed to expanding their operations in Singapore.

Bank on Singapore's simple and business-friendly tax system to provide a sustainable and stable platform for your company’s growth, with competitive income tax rates for both companies (17%) and individuals (up to 22%).

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