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Financial Management Tool

Financial Management Toolkit

Assess your financial position to better manage your company’s finances.
From farm to fork: Market channels for high-tech vegetable farms

From Farm to Fork: Market Channels for High-Tech Vegetable Farms

Understand the market opportunity and channels through which you can sell your locally grown produce.
Human Capital Diagnostic Tool (HCDT)

Human Capital Diagnostic Tool (HCDT)

The HCDT helps you to understand the current maturity level of your company’s HR capabilities.
Internationalisation Toolkit

Internationalisation Toolkit

Assess your company’s readiness for overseas expansion and be prepared with the relevant resources.
Insect industrt innovation scan: Europe and Singapore

Insect Industry Innovation Scan Europe and Singapore

Learn about each market's regulatory environment, enterprise landscape, market opportunities and challenges.
Starting a Farm: An industry Guide

Starting a Farm: An Industry Guide

Learn about the guidelines and regulatory approvals needed to start a land-based farm in Singapore.

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Serving up insects and hybrid proteins on the plate

Serving up insects and hybrid proteins on the plate

The approved insects and insect products would be subject to food safety requirements.