FAQ: Enterprise Sustainability Programme (ESP)
  • Who can participate in the ESP?

    The ESP is open to local enterprises that are at different stages of their sustainability journey, regardless of the sectors they are from. Local enterprises are eligible for grant support under the ESP. A local enterprise is defined as:

    • A business entity registered and operating in Singapore
    • Having a minimum of 30% local shareholding
  • How can enterprises participate in the ESP?

    Enterprises that are keen to participate in the training workshops and/or initiatives and programmes by industry partners can apply directly with the partners via their respective links available on our webpage. Enterprises that wish to embark on capability or product development projects may find out more details here.

  • How can interested industry partners join as one of the partners under the ESP?

    We are keen to partner and work with industry partners to develop sustainability initiatives for enterprises to build capabilities and capture opportunities in the green economy. Interested partners can reach out to us here to explore collaboration opportunities.