Internship Programme

About this programme

Internships under the Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT) are for Singapore enterprises keen to train and invest in young talent.

  • Up to 50% funding of the minimum monthly internship stipend
    The minimum monthly internships stipend to be offered to the interns is:
    • S$800 to NITEC/Higher NITEC and diploma students
    • S$1,000 to degree students

    From 1 April 2024, funding support will be revised to 50% for SMEs and 30% for non-SMEs of the minimum monthly internship stipend. This will apply to internship grant applications (please see “How to Apply” section below under Phase 4) submitted on or after 1 April 2024.

  • Overseas internships to train young talent for global expansion
    EnterpriseSG will partner Trade Associations (TACs) and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to facilitate internship placements in Singapore enterprises.
  • TACs will evaluate and qualify promising Singapore enterprises for the programme
  • IHLs will drive student participation towards Singapore enterprises
  • Only full-time internships are supported under GRT

Key features

  • Local internships

    Internship opportunities in Singapore with a Singapore enterprise.

    • Singapore enterprises are eligible for up to 50% funding support on the minimum monthly internship stipend.
    • The Singapore enterprise must minimally offer a continuous four-week internship stint in Singapore.
    • The entire internship period must not exceed 12 calendar months.
  • Overseas internships

    Internship opportunities with Singapore enterprises in their overseas outfits in Southeast Asia, China, India and developing markets.

    • Singapore enterprises are eligible for up to 50% funding support on the minimum monthly internship stipend.
    • Additional monthly subsistence allowance and lump sum travel allowance will be provided to the students via their IHLs.
    • The Singapore enterprise must minimally offer a continuous two-week internship stint in their overseas outfit.
    • The entire internship period must not exceed 12 calendar months.
  • Hybrid internships

    Internship opportunities with Singapore enterprises, where enterprises provide internship opportunities in Singapore and in their overseas outfits in Southeast Asia, China, India and developing markets.

    • Example: For a 6-month internship stint, the Singapore enterprise can choose to have the intern based in its Singapore office for 4 months and for the intern to be sent to their overseas outfit for the remaining 2 months.
    • The Singapore enterprise must minimally offer a continuous four-week internship stint in Singapore and a two-week internship stint in their overseas outfit.
    • The entire internship period must not exceed 12 calendar months.


  • Incorporated in Singapore with minimum 30% local shareholding
  • Financially able to start and complete the internship programme
  • Possess strong human resource practices, especially in the areas of learning, development and talent management
  • Have been in operation for at least one year
  • Must offer an internship with clear job scope, learning objectives, and assignment of suitable mentor(s) to guide students over the course of the internship
  • Only full-time internships (i.e. the working hours of the intern are at least 35 hours per week) are supported under GRT
  • If offering overseas internships, ensure you have existing overseas operations, a positive business outlook and strong growth plans, and can allow interns to gain global market knowledge
  • For local internships, you are strongly encouraged to incorporate work related to overseas operations as part of the internship (e.g., intern will support company in their overseas expansion plan from Singapore/work on research about possible expansion overseas/correspond with overseas suppliers or colleagues)
  • The intern must be a:
    1. Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident; AND
    2. Full-time NITEC/Higher NITEC student OR a full-time student pursuing an undergraduate degree or diploma from any of the following eligible institutions below:
      - Institute of Technical Education
      - Nanyang Polytechnic
      - Ngee Ann Polytechnic
      - Republic Polytechnic
      - Singapore Polytechnic
      - Temasek Polytechnic
      - Nanyang Technological University
      - National University of Singapore
      - Singapore Institute of Technology
      - Singapore Management University
      - Singapore University of Social Sciences
      - Singapore University of Technology and Design
      - Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Local internships only)
      - SIM Global Education (Local internships only)
      - LASALLE College of the Arts (Local internships only)
      - University of the Arts Singapore (Local internships only)

How to apply

Phase 1: Select an Approved-in-Principle (AIP) partner 
These TACs have been appointed as our programme partners and will serve as your main point of contact for GRT-related matters.
  • Contact approved TACs

    The following TACs have been appointed as our programme partners and will serve as your main point of contact for GRT-related matters.

    GRT AIP partners will assess and qualify your application. They also play an active role in matching suitable student interns to participating Singapore enterprises. You may contact GRT AIP Partners for more information about the programme, eligibility and application process.

    Action Community for Entrepreneurship

    Association of Small and Medium Enterprises

    Restaurant Association of Singapore
    T: 6479 7723


    Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association
    T: 6221 2438

    Singapore Logistics Association
    T: 6499 9799

    Singapore Manufacturing Federation
    T: 6826 3028

    Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association (SPETA)
    T: 6751 8909

Phase 2: Apply as a Participating Company on GRT
Create an account and prepare the necessary documents to aid your application.
  • Step 1: Account Creation
    • Create an account on GRTNet using your CorpPass login.
    • Ensure that you have authorised the relevant personnel to perform transactions on GRTNet with your CorpPass.
  • Step 2: Supporting Documents
    • Complete your GRT company application on GRTNet. This will require details such as your company description, group employment size, overseas presence (if applicable), holding company and subsidiaries details, and HR survey.
    • Select your preferred GRT partner from among the TACs we have appointed for the programme. They will serve as your main point of contact for GRT-related matters.
    • Attach mandatory supporting documents. These include documents registered under the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (within six months), your latest financial statements (within 18 months), and a sample internship training plan (an outline will be provided).
  • Step 3: Application Outcome
    • Upon successful application, you will receive an email informing you that your company has been approved under the GRT.
    • You will now be eligible to apply for GRT grant support.
Phase 3: Post Internship Positions
Create internship positions and apply for grant support.
  • Step 1: Create internship positions

    Fill in all required information for the creation of a new internship position.

    These include:
    • Internship type (i.e., local, overseas, or hybrid)
    • Internship job title and function
    • Roles and responsibilities of intern(s)
    • Duration of internship
    • Destination of internship (applicable to overseas and hybrid internships)
    • Preferred education level of intern(s)
    • Skills required
    • Number of internships positions available
    • Learning outcomes and objectives of internship
    • Any other requirements
  • Step 2: Obtain internship positions
    • Upon approval of internship positions, you will be eligible to apply for GRT grant support for the positions posted.
    • Contact the relevant IHLs for an internship opportunity.
    • Obtain an Internship Placement Letter from the IHL upon successful internship placement.
Phase 4: GRT Internship Grant Application
Complete your application by preparing the necessary documents.
  • Step 1: Supporting documents
    Please prepare the following mandatory documents for each intern before you proceed (documents are to be in PDF, DOC, XLS, XLSX formats for upload to GRTNet):
    • A copy of the Internship Placement Letter/Email (issued by the school) with the following details:
      • Company name
      • Name of intern(s)
      • Faculty of the intern(s)
      • Intern's masked NRIC (e.g. SXXXX123A)
      • Internship start and end dates
      • That the internship will be done on a full-time basis, with explicit mention of the working hours (i.e. at least 35 hours per week)
  • Step 2: Complete internship grant application
    • Log in to GRTNet using your CorpPass.
    • Complete the internship grant application* and upload the required supporting documents.
    • Ensure that all the required supporting documents and details are included in your application to avoid delays.

After you apply
Receive your Letter of Offer

If your internship positions are approved, you will receive a notification email with a Letter of Offer (LOF) attached.

  • The LOF must be accepted before the start of the internship.
  • Log in to GRTNet and accept the LOF if you are agreeable to the terms and conditions of the internship offer.
  • Keep the confirmation receipt for your future reference.
  • Inform your interns in advance that they would need to login to the GRT portal with their SingPass accounts to complete an online student feedback form and upload their student internship report by the end of the internship.
  • The company has to ensure that their interns complete the feedback form before they can submit their claim.
Submit your claims

The LOF should be accepted before/during the internship. Once all your interns have completed the online Student Feedback and Student Internship Report, you may submit your claim on GRTNet before the submission deadline (as specified in your LOF).

  • Step 1: Supporting documents

    Prepare the following mandatory documents for each intern. Only documents in PDF, DOC, XLS, and XLSX formats are allowed for upload to GRTNet.

    • Payslip(s) for entire internship period
    • Bank statement for the last month of the internship (either company or intern bank statement are accepted)
    • Completed company feedback PDF e-form (downloadable from GRTNet)

    Disbursement of the grant will be credited directly to your company’s bank account through PayNow Corporate. Please submit your company’s PayNow Corporate details here. If your company’s bank does not support PayNow Corporate, GIRO may be used for the grant disbursement. You may submit your company’s bank account details and the GIRO form here.

    Ensure the intern has also completed the online student feedback form and completed and uploaded the correct student internship report*.

  • Step 2: Complete GRT claim online
    Log in to GRTNet via CorpPass to complete your online GRT claim.
  • Step 3: Monitor claim status
    A TAC officer and EnterpriseSG officer will be evaluating your claim. You will be notified if clarification is needed and/or you need to provide additional supporting documents.
Receive your claim approval confirmation
You will be notified via email when your claim has been approved. All claims must be submitted within six months from the end of the qualifying period as stated in the LOF for it to be valid. If you are unable to submit your claims on time, you may request for a one-time extension via the GRTNet online portal. Extension requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
Ready to apply?
If you would like to apply and have the necessary documents ready, submit your application on GRTNet now.

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