Enterprise Singapore Global Executive Scholarship
What you can expect

Broaden your horizons

Gain opportunities to go for overseas exchange programmes.

Gain new perspectives

Pick up foreign languages and undergo enriching internship stints.

Stretch your potential

Scholars who perform well may be given the chance to pursue their Masters' degrees.

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GES - Local

Global Executive Scholarship (Local)

For studies at universities in Singapore.

GES - Overseas

Global Executive Scholarship (Overseas)

For studies at universities in China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, the US and the UK.

Hear from our scholarship recipients


"Some of the furthest-reaching changes happen when different stakeholders from the industry come together. At EnterpriseSG, I bring partners together to shape industry standards and build trust in our Singapore brand so that our enterprises can scale and compete more successfully across the world. Join us to make a difference here and beyond."

Grace Teo

"It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to engage business owners. Here at EnterpriseSG, I have had the privilege of peeking into the minds of business leaders at the C-suite level, learning their fast-changing business development plans, and supporting their companies to] achieve those goals."

"The Global Executive Mid-Term Scholarship provided me opportunities I could not easily find elsewhere – namely the chance to pursue my master’s degree, and also secure a job in a statutory board I was confident I would want to work in."

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Reap a meaningful, real-world work experience.

Management Associate Programme

Develop the future global leader in you.

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