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20 Jul 2018 Updated 26 Mar 2021


Getting started in India with the Plug and Play Network

This is the third of a three-part series on starting up in India. Click here for the first post, and here for the second post.

After reading about the startup ecosystem in India and our top 7 tips for your startup to expand there, here’s how Enterprise Singapore can partner your startup to get a foot in the door.

India co-working space
The co-working space at 91springboard India

Start your India expansion with the Plug and Play Network

Businesses may lack market knowledge about India, given its immense diversity and less certain environment. They may also face challenges in finding business partners, as well as locating workspaces.

Enter the Plug and Play Network.

The pre-entry advisory provides a customised executive summary on the target market, which gives recommendations on suitable modes of market entry, an overview of trade regulations and import and export procedures, and competitor analysis.

The PPN will also help with overseas business partner search. With its global database, we can identify potential agents, distributors, partners or customers. 6-8 meetings will be set up to introduce partners to one another. Companies can apply for the Market Ready Assistance Grant to subsidise this service.

Leadbook is also partnering Enterprise Singapore for companies to self-source their leads. They have a global database of over 4 million organisations across multiple countries.

Companies can also engage Startup-O, a startup incubator that helps entrepreneurs get discovered fast by acting as a platform between startups and investors. Through a 10-week online assessment programme, the most promising companies are identified by a panel of over 70 experts around the world, and then groomed by bringing them to new markets.

The Plug and Play Network also covers overseas market setup. Companies can look at working with 91springboard, who provides co-working spaces for companies of all sizes. 91springboard can also potentially connect startups with angels, venture funds, and banks, as well as back promising startups through their investment fund.