Enterprise Financing Scheme – Green

About this financing scheme

Enterprise Financing Scheme – Green (EFS-Green) is aligned with the Singapore Green Plan 2030, which focuses on helping local companies develop capabilities, build a track record and capture growth opportunities within the green economy to develop a strong pool of companies within these sectors. This aims to generate economic value-add, a positive environmental impact and good jobs for Singaporeans.

By extending support to green solution adopters, the scheme also aims to help enterprises embark on their sustainability journey and reduce their carbon footprint, contributing to our targets in Singapore Green Plan 2030.

  • EnterpriseSG will provide 70% risk-share to catalyse the lending from participating Financial Institutions (FIs)

Loan types and details

Loan type Supportable areas Maximum Loan Quantum / borrower Maximum Repayment Period
Developmental Capital Supportable areas:
Expenses related to green initiatives
  • New product development
  • Technology development expenses
  • Consultation & certification fees
Maximum Loan Quantum / borrower:
S$3 million
Maximum Repayment Period:
Up to 5 years
Fixed Assets Loan Supportable areas:
  • Purchase of equipment and machinery related to green initiatives
  • Construction of factories or purchase of land related to green initiatives
Maximum Loan Quantum / borrower:
S$30 million
Maximum Repayment Period:
Up to 15 years
Trade Loan Supportable areas:
Trade financing for green and sustainable products, inventory and raw materials
Maximum Loan Quantum / borrower:
S$10 million
Maximum Repayment Period:
Up to 1 year
Project Loan Supportable areas:
Finance the fulfilment of overseas and domestic green projects
Maximum Loan Quantum / borrower:
S$50 million
Maximum Repayment Period:
Up to 20 years
Venture Debt Loan Supportable areas:
Finance the growth of innovative companies with green initiatives using Venture Debt & Warrants
Maximum Loan Quantum / borrower:
S$8 million
Maximum Repayment Period:
Up to 5 years
Mergers & Acquisition Loan Supportable areas:
Finance the mergers and acquisition of target enterprises related to green initiatives
Maximum Loan Quantum / borrower:
S$50 million
Maximum Repayment Period:
Up to 5 years

EnterpriseSG Risk-share
  • Risk share is at 70%
  • Borrowers are responsible to repay 100% of the loan amount
  • When defaults occur, the participating Financial Institutions are obligated to follow their standard commercial recovery procedure, including the realisation of security, before they can make a claim against EnterpriseSG for the unrecovered amount in proportion to the risk-share
Interest Rate Subject to participating FIs’ assessment of risks involved

  • Borrower
  • Corporate shareholders holding more than 50% at all levels up
  • Subsidiaries where the Applicant company holds more than 50% shareholdings and subsequent subsidiaries at all levels down
  • Subsidiaries where the Applicant’s Ultimate Parent Company holds more than 50% shareholdings and their subsidiaries at all levels down


  • Business entity registered and operating in Singapore
    • ACRA-registered Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships and Companies are eligible to apply
    • Approvals of loans are subject to the participating FI's assessment
  • Company has at least 30% local equity held directly or indirectly by Singaporean(s) and/or Singapore PR(s), determined by the ultimate individual ownership
  • Company's Group Annual Sales Turnover should not exceed S$500 million
  • Meets the criteria for EFS-Green’s Qualifying Green Sectors and Activities and Qualifying Borrower Types

How to apply

Approach any of our partner FIs to apply

Interested enterprises may approach any of the following participating FIs to apply for the loan (subject to banks’ credit approval).

These eligible participating FIs have developed Green and Sustainable Financing Frameworks for companies, which have been approved by a Second Party Opinion (SPO) provider. Loans under the scheme to be classified as Green Loans as assessed by the partner FIs in accordance with their Green and Sustainable Financing Frameworks.

Financial Institutions for EFS-Green Contact Details
CIMB Bank Berhad, Singapore Branch 6302 7543
DBS Bank Ltd 1800 222 2200
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited 1800 216 9008 / 6216 9008
Maybank Singapore Ltd 1800 777 0022
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd 6538 1111
Standard Chartered Bank 6747 7000
United Overseas Bank Ltd 1800 2266 121

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