Panama – Singapore Free Trade Agreement (PSFTA)

About this agreement

The Panama – Singapore Free Trade Agreement (PSFTA) eliminates tariffs for 98% of Singapore’s exports to Panama, allows preferential tariffs to be given based on the importer’s declaration with no application required, safeguards market access, ensures a more predictable operating environment for service suppliers, and protects Singapore investors and investments. 
24 July 2006
Entry into force

Key benefits

  • Back-to-back shipment of goods within member countries
    Goods that are brought into Singapore from ASEAN countries or Korea and re-exported within these countries, without any processing in Singapore, can enjoy tariff concessions. Originating products passing through Parties can also retain their originating status.


Use the Tariff Finder to see if your product is eligible to enjoy this FTA's tariff concessions.

Alternatively, you can explore the following steps to check your eligibility.

  • Your product’s preferential rate
    Check the Tariff Schedule for preferential rates offered on your product.
  • Your product’s rule of origin

    Rules of origin are a set of criteria which determine a product's originating status in each respective FTA.

    It is put in place to ensure that only goods originating from the FTA partner countries will benefit from tariff concessions.

    Is your product obtained/produced entirely within Singapore?
    Your product is considered wholly obtained in Singapore
    Does your product fall under the list of Product Specific Rules?
    Your product may be considered as originating from Singapore
    35% of its contents must originate from Singapore/Panama


In order to claim preferential tariffs on eligible products, you will need to prove that they are of Singapore origin by presenting a declaration of origin on their export invoice. Under the Agreement, Singapore exporters or producers can make this declaration without the need for a formal certificate of origin.


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