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Singapore’s Bilateral Agreements with Jordan

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    Singapore–Jordan Free Trade Agreement (SJFTA)

    The SJFTA is Singapore's first FTA with a country in the Middle East, and is Jordan's first FTA with a country in Asia.

    Free Trade Agreements are treaties which make trade and investment between two or more economies easier. The Singapore–Jordan Free Trade Agreement (SJFTA) was concluded in April 2004 and entered into force in August 2005. It is Singapore’s first FTA with a country in the Middle East, and is Jordan’s first FTA with a country in Asia.

    The SJFTA lets Singapore companies enjoy near-zero tariff treatment for their exports to Jordan, safeguards market access and ensures a more predictable operating environment for service suppliers. Find out how you can benefit from tariff concessions with Jordan.

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    Singapore–Jordan Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT)

    BITs aim to promote greater investment flows between two countries by protecting the interests of their investors.

    The Singapore–Jordan BIT came into force in August 2005. Singapore investors will be granted protection such as non-discriminatory treatment compared with other foreign investments, protection from illegal seizure of property, and the freedom to transfer capital and returns in and out of the country.

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