Security and stability

Rely on Jordan’s strong relations with its neighbouring countries, and its focus on deep reform, economic growth and development.

Educated and highly skilled workforce

Tap Jordan’s robust workforce as the government promotes education and computer literacy through the national curriculum.

Strong transport infrastructure

Jordan's well-connected ports, highways and airways provide opportunities for business expansion via the country's transit hubs.

Key opportunities

  • Energy & water

  • Fintech

  • Information & communications technology

  • Infrastructure

  • Tourism

Key opportunities in Jordan - 1

Jordan has limited natural resources, and imports more than 90% of its energy needs. The country has plans to generate 50% of electricity from renewables by the year 2030.

With an average of over 300 days of sunshine per year, solar power has quickly become the focus for Jordan's renewable energy investments. As demand runs high in Jordan for energy management solutions, Singapore businesses can contribute in the areas of energy efficiency, energy storage, as well as solar panel maintenance.

Water is also scarce in Jordan, due to the country’s increasing population and low output from its water-intensive agriculture sector. If your company has related expertise in sustainable water management, you can consider exporting and contributing your solutions to Jordan.

Key opportunities in Jordan - 2

The growth of fintech in Jordan is attributed to its large consumer base that is young and tech-savvy, its high internet penetration rate, and a robust startup business environment.

Jordan has a largely unbanked population where only 24% of people have bank accounts. Your business can offer fintech solutions to Jordanian consumers. Banks pursue innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, application programming interface, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, machine learning, and robotics, to serve the needs of the population.

Key opportunities in Jordan - 3

The information & communications technology (ICT) sector is an economic cornerstone of Jordan, supporting about 12% of the country’s GDP. To boost this industry, the Jordanian government invests in top-tier infrastructure that supports various industries.

The Jordanian National Broadband, an ongoing project to build an open broadband network, will provide high-speed Internet and increased connectivity to public services all around the country.

The government also encourages public-private collaborations in digitalisation to boost productivity in key sectors such as education, energy, finance, health, and security.

As a result of these efforts, many large tech companies have been drawn to participate in Jordan's fast-growing ICT market. Consider venturing into Jordan’s market to grow your digital services or technology business.

Key opportunities in Jordan - 4

Following the launch of Jordan Vision 2025, the government of Jordan aims to guide the country’s policies using this integrated economic and social ten-year framework.

A key focus of the framework is to make it easier for private businesses to invest in various sectors including infrastructure projects that boost economic growth, increase overall business competition and deliver better public services.

Singapore companies can look at partnering local conglomerates to value-add in areas such as mechanical and electrical consultancy, equipment supply, operations and maintenance, and project management.

Key opportunities in Jordan - 5

Jordan’s major cities are seeing more tourists who are keen to explore cultural and historical sites such as Petra, the Jordan River, and Wadi Rum.

With more tourists visiting Jordan, the hospitality sector remains a bright spot for businesses. Tourist hotspots like Petra and Jerash signal opportunities for your hospitality business, as demand for accommodation grows.

Learn about Jordan's business hub

Learn about business hubs in Jordan

Jordan’s most populous city with over 4 million people is headquarters to Arab Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in the Middle East. Amman also has a booming startup ecosystem and a digitally active population. If you own a fintech startup, Anman could be a well-connected area for you to access the right resources, and a strong user base.

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