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Give your business a boost with the help of industry guides, tools and resources.

Logistics Innovation & Technology Enabling Showcase (LITES)

Visit COI-SCM every third Wednesday to see the latest logistics technologies and perform live lab demonstrations.

Logistics Industry Digital Plan for SMEs

A step-by-step guide to the digital solutions that SMEs can adopt at each stage of business growth.

Singapore Trade Data Exchange (SGTraDex)

SGTraDex facilitates trusted and secure data sharing between supply chain ecosystem partners.

Skills Framework For Logistics

Discover the latest trends, job roles and career pathways, and the existing and emerging skills in the sector.

Study on the Impact of Industry 4.0 on Singapore’s Logistics Workforce

The logistics sector is evolving rapidly amidst economic, regulatory, and technological advancements.
Sustainability Playbook for Logistics Enterprises

Sustainability for Logistics Enterprises in Singapore

Step-by-step guide for logistics companies to chart sustainability roadmap and resources to leverage.
Financial Management Tool

Financial Management Toolkit

Assess your financial position to better manage your company’s finances.
Human Capital Diagnostic Tool (HCDT)

Human Capital Diagnostic Tool (HCDT)

The HCDT helps you to understand the current maturity level of your company’s HR capabilities.
Internationalisation Toolkit

Internationalisation Toolkit

Assess your company’s readiness for overseas expansion and be prepared with the relevant resources.