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04 Oct 2021 Updated 20 Oct 2021

CosyCool Aircon:

Staying cool by going digital

CosyCool’s plans to grow get a boost.

CosyCool Aircon founder Lucas Lee (right) and his colleague working on an air conditioner part. Lucas started the air conditioner repair company in 2013.

With constant new demands and high expectations, CosyCool Aircon knew it had to come up with newer ways to keep their customers, and staff, happy.

So, following a group-based upgrading programme by SME Centre@ASME which it had joined about a year and a half ago, they recently adopted a field service management system to further optimise the use of their resources.

The new system automatically sorts jobs by location, allowing for better route planning. Operating on a mobile application, it also allows workers to view their assigned jobs and the history of the air conditioner that they are repairing.

CosyCool’s workers, who are always on the go, can now check their assigned jobs easily and notify customers of any delays using the mobile application. The application also provides the workers with the history of the air conditioner they are repairing, so that they can prepare the right tools in advance and get started on the air conditioner more quickly.

But Lucas Lee, who started CosyCool in 2013, wants to go a step further. His vision? A customised solution that allows them to be even more customer-centric, such as automated bookings, loyalty perks and promotions. It’s about making it cool for people to engage their services.

Lucas is now working with Andrew Gam, a business advisor from SME Centre@ASME, to turn his vision into reality. Beyond just digitalisation, Andrew also advises Lucas on other support that he can tap to keep growing.

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Andrew (left) and Lucas discussing the support CosyCool can leverage to build the customised application.